The Effectiveness

All these things with quality are not resolved. I am of the idea that one has to be very aware. I when I work on quality tell my employers: with quality are not going to solve everything. On the contrary, the quality going to put white on black. Quality is a catalyst, usually of organizational issues. This technical committees of ISO say it even, they are currently working a bit on that, or have they been geared towards those places. ISO standards are currently being triggers of problems, they are not solving problems. I’ll tell you because I’ve had opportunity to participate of a technical Commission.

He is there is talk now management of projects, instead of quality management, because they have actually been a detector troubleshooting quality issues. I love you share this experience so that you can make a balance and quieting the conscience. Because also the effectiveness that you can achieve with your interventions in the company in which you’re acting today depends greatly on your state of mind. So, it’s important that you’re aware that many of the shortcomings that you are having are not quality, they are organizational. Then, this what takes you? To lower the level of expectation of your own management and be able to identify with greater assertiveness concrete results. Perhaps many times go through communication, by softer issues that hard, but I will be able to leave a particular stamp in that organization.

And it will also be an index of satisfaction of your own management. Because while what brings us together today is the customer’s satisfaction, we must first satisfy the internal client. Without this, it is very difficult to be able to satisfy the external client, and more with the limitations that you have identified. Then I, from my experience I’d say that, that you reanalices your personal situation, weaknesses and strengths of front to the Organization, and identify only those improvements you can do outside of these limitations, and that you midas accordingly so that also the discouragement you don’t stall. I wanted to share this dialogue because I know that you probably pass by the same situation. And the response of Lucretia is very successful for me. You must be well aware of the limits that you may not change, but this is not the excuse to paralyze you. There is a scope, a boat that Yes you can have the rudder, and is your team. He works for the excellence of the internal service they provide to the rest of the Organization, because this is your field. And you’ll see that this fact, while it is limited will have its positive impact on the external client, and in addition generate an effect contagion to the rest of the organization. It begins with what you have at hand, and there seeks excellence.