The Exchange

Recently, logistics companies and business directory services placing greater emphasis on the digital channels. With the French post,. Heise media and telegate won ePages recently three large companies in these segments as a partner. Also the leading provider of enterprise software, SAP and SAGE, offer integrated solutions for online trading based on ePages. However, further growth is only limited possible without reinforcements. Therefore, ePages seeks dedicated trainees, students and professionals for the steady development of the software. To be successful in the competition for the best brains, ePages offers best opportunities to promote the career therefore an attractive remuneration. The company supports the development of its employees through training budgets and offers many benefits.

As ePages pays monthly up to 140 euros NET each employee as a subsidy to the private Internet access, meal vouchers and costs of public transport. State of the art facilities, the attractive location in the city, and flexible working hours contribute to the good working atmosphere. The industry-typical international orientation is in the offices in London, Barcelona and Jena Hamburg everywhere: Work colleagues from fourteen Nations. The Exchange is promoted through regular events. With the inter cultural mix and the experience of fifteen years E-Commerce ePages is therefore well equipped for the global business is missing only the new colleagues. Interested in ePages can meet at the following job fairs: 17 / 18.05.2011 points work job fair at the University of Hamburg 24 / 25.05.2011 smile exhibition at FH Schmalkalden 15.06.2011 business contact trade fair FH Wedel 18.10.2011 Inova 2011 at the TU Ilmenau 10.11.2011 practice meets 2011 campus “Merseburg University of applied more information about the company and current vacancies exist among. * Source: BITKOM * source: study “cloud computing – the market in Germany 2010-2015; “Investing in cloud technologies, services, and consulting” the Experton group for the BITKOM about ePages-ePages is a provider of World’s leading E-Commerce cloud service platforms. International hosting providers, industry directories, as well as telecommunications and logistics companies such as Deutsche Telekom, British Telecom, orange business services, telegate, La Poste, Strato, host Europe, LCN, Amen and ARSYS offer preconfigured online shops and business websites for rent platform on the basis of the ePages.

They allow their customers to create quick and cost-effective professional online shops and business websites. Through the cooperation with over 60 technology partners, ePages offers integration in the most important online portals, search engines, marketing platforms, payment – and ERP systems. Worldwide, over 50,000 companies operate their online shops and business websites with ePages. The headquarters of ePages is Hamburg, more offices are in London, Barcelona and Jena. Contact for the press: ePages GmbH Pilatus pool 2 20355 Hamburg