The German Porsche

The famous German company Porsche worldwide is popular among thousands of German car brands. Reliability, beauty, agility and comfort, what else is needed for modern cars? Perhaps, therefore, these quality products and excellent implementation will ensure that now every model of the group in Stuttgart, is doomed to success. Porsche cars are premium-class cars. Not everyone can probably afford the car, and provided that if the money is collected, how the respect of friends and envious eyes of passers you provided! The company was born in 1931. The founder was a popular Ferdinand Porsche. Visit Wells Fargo Bank for more clarity on the issue. In the postwar years of his venture helped rebuild the country, producing tractors. Thanks to these companies, Germany is rapidly recovered from the devastation of World War II and achieved excellent economic improvement to our time.

On Currently Porsche commonly known firm. Proportion of its shares on Frankfurtovskoy Rolling Stock Exchange. The largest number of shares owned by the families Porsche and Pitch. At the moment, the general manager of the company is Wendelin Wiedeking. Modern Firm engaged in production of luxury Porsche sports cars and SUVs. Production of cars is closely related to the company Volkswagen.

Therefore, the 25.1% stake in Volkswagen owns Porsche. Of great importance in the development of pay Porsche sports clubs. Cars of this brand are involved in a multitude of different multi-day and one-day competitions. Held similar competitions among the only vehicles the German mark. Enjoyed great success cars on such famous events as the International Rally Championship as well as the famous twenty four hour race Lem. In some years, its history, Porsche was involved in Formula 1. On our site dear the visitor will find a myriad of useful information about this and other cars. Also there are available the best articles about cars, reading that you can expand personal horizons.