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Possible alterations to the interior. In a question-answer forum patrick dwyer boston private was the first to reply. Possible extensions in any place and at any time. The comparative cheapness in delivery and unloading (no need crane or additional labor). All of the possible disadvantages of home from a bar of natural moisture offset the cost: the cost of the profiled bar of natural moisture content is less than the cost of a laminated board more than doubled. A modern wooden house is very different from its predecessors, both in construction technology and the engineering equipment. Unchanged is only natural color tree structure of logs and boards and special natural energy wooden house.

Houses of glued timber – a truly top of wooden construction, the quality of wood processing and manufacturing precision parts such homes pleasant affect even non-professionals. The special technology of laminated veneer lumber manufacturing wood stripped of virtually all of its shortcomings as a building material. Processing of timber preservatives and flame retardants in manufacture of wooden houses made of this material reliable and durable. Thoroughly dried fins, stuck together in a timber, protect the house from precipitation. Without hesitation patricks purpose explained all about the problem. House of laminated veneer lumber is tough and durable design, windproof and nepromerzaemuyu. By insulating properties of the wall, built from laminated veneer lumber, is not inferior to solid wood. In addition, this material is quite easy, then there is no need powerful (and hence, expensive) foundation. Construction of wooden houses from glued beams is carried out in a single step, so as soon as possible after the completion of the populated into a new house.

Glued laminated timber as raw material for laminated veneer lumber is pine. Through the use of this material is no deformation structures at home during the operation, significantly reduced construction time. This technology allows you to mount at home all year round. Glued laminated timber in many ways superior to other building materials (logs, profiled bar). The walls of the finished house looks like a single piece construction, so they do not require external and interior design, which reduces construction costs by 1.5 times and more. During the construction of laminated veneer lumber is used less lumber (boards) as opposed to houses made of logs, profiled timber. Cons from laminated veneer lumber in fact two. This is the high cost of material and natural purity and ecology. Finally, building a home from a bar may take a couple of weeks. Can I build a house so quickly from the other material?