The Penalty

To attract and to hold back the best brains are not only question to pay well, but to create a work environment stimulant and 4 compensator the RESPONSIBILITY OF the LEADERSHIP AND MOTIVATION IN the COMPANIES To be an efficient leader, currently, requires a delicate act of balance, therefore it must be capable of if skillfully relating with the controlling and workers who appeal it, in search of orientation, incentive and motivation; to use to advantage the external environment and if to relate skillfully, with the external people to its company, between them, investing, customers or members of the managing advice; to mold and to influence all the aspects of the operations gifts of the company, also the development of products and services, the processes of production, the systems of control of the quality, the organizacional structure and the systems of information; to foresee the future, to evaluate and if to prepare for events as changes in the preference of the customers, technologies or the global economy, that probably will have basic implications for the company in the next decade. It is easy to perceive that the people, in the generality, costumam to arrive at the company, in its first day of work, already motivated. When accepting a new job, these people find full of hopes and expectations, being, thus, carriers of necessities that believe to be able to be taken care of by the company in which they finish to enter. The cinegetic potential contained in such necessities, composing a basic reservoir of personal forces, is the resource of which each one makes use to enter in action and to advance in the direction of those objectives or ends that direction makes, or better, for which it believes to be valid the penalty to work. (BERGAMINI, 1994, P. 78). It is an important aspect in the administrative proceeding of a leader, will have blockade or imperfections in the communication, with certainty something will give wrong. .