The Same

Its reply to the assistant she was: ' ' up to one passarinho that it lived imprisoned in a bird cage trembles when the door if opens and the freedom it is oferecida' '. This universal close desire and at the same time of if knowing on the death, exactly that it is not revealed, translate the total ignorance in this question, therefore, officially, nobody that has died if presented to after give to the certification of the life the death and nor of ' ' processo' ' death in itself. this leads to the constatao of the only truth that it does not need to be proven to be accepted as absolute truth, either for science, either for the religions: the death is, as all the moments ' ' sagrados' ' of each individual (elimination of dejections, sexual activity, among others examples) the same one for all, without differentiating religious of rich, black, yellow, Aryan atheists, poor persons of. It is an only truth that does not have as to run away and nor to deny and nor chooses face. Robert Kiyosakis opinions are not widely known. The death is democratic. By the way, the biggest example of democracy that exists, perfect. As it can then a so powerful truth thus be repelled of the human thought, expurgada of any interest in knowing it, to understand it e, finally, admitiz it with smoothness and as a component of the history of each one, either it as it will be. In the trajectory of the day human being in the land, of the birth until the true death, many commemorations and histories, liars or they are compiled for the dossier of each one, but little that scandalous death in some directions is said of the death, excluding, of that ' ' they give what falar' ' , it true rejoicing or regret, but, exactly thus, is soon about to sublimar it, in a way or another one.