The Start

And then, as we know very much depends on the start. In addition, you are strongly attached to the correct location of your point of sale, the rate of formation of your business depends largely on the advertising activity. If your franchisor requires all payments, but does not provide the necessary support, in this case unleash a new business is extremely difficult, and most importantly financially burdensome. You can greatly exceed their costs of development and if you do not burn, then pretty much defer to achieve break-even point. Nevertheless, franchising is so good that even a novice businessman is much easier to work with already well-known brand, which occupies a niche market. On the other hand, considering all the payments, the rate of return here relative to long-term, and it is possible to calculate approximately, since there is a major factor obscurity – the behavior of the buyer. If we talk about the prospects of franchising as a whole as a system development we can safely say that it is very viable. I think that the number of companies taking it into service with every year will only increase. Now let's turn our attention to online business scheme. The logic of their operation is often very similar to franchising in the micro scale. Marketing plans are based on Principles of growth as tied to the amount of personal sales consultants in the initial stages and on the amount raised in its network in the future. From the same principle based career consultant.