The Talk

Lucy, I can not be here long time my mother said when entered the deserted library. But I will come for you at seven o’clock OK? I nodded with his head looking at all sites. I wanted that my mother let my sweatshirt to go from shelf in shelf. When he could no longer see my mother, I felt lost. He didn’t know what to do.

Never in my life seen so many books together. I wanted to read all of them, but I didn’t know where to begin when I heard a manly but genteel voice behind me. Are you new? I said with a sympathetic smile on his face. Do I speak? My mother had told me hundred times not to talk to strangers, but that boy did not seem to be bad. Are there someone over here? He asked sarcastically but polite at the same time. The comment dropped me a slight laugh and I looked him in the eyes.

I felt a strange feeling in the stomach, as if thousands of butterflies had cast there inside; Yes, I fell for him before realized me it. But that is another story. Introduce us formally, shaking hands, names and favorite authors. After the talk, Dan taught me the basic functioning of the library: How to look for and where to look. Months passed and the summer came. And although the rule said; A book per month, the library soon became my second home. Dan and I spent hours there, until one day either everything changed. I remember that you left me my mother, like always, MOM, at seven in the evening I’ll be here. Take care! shouted my mother. I never thought that day would change: my way, my way of seeing outside and the way in which that library Dan! He saw no Dan, on the one hand.