Tourism Day

What a feast we celebrate on September 27? Romantic holiday-freaks? Romantics, whose name is in the way distant road, the sound of guitars around the campfire, high mountains, river rapids and dreams, dreams of new marches and routes September 27 – World Tourism Day. 28Project+Spurs+-+A+San+Antonio+Spurs+Blog+and+Podcast%29’>Spurs. This is a celebration not only tourists but also everyone who has ever journeyed, who has known the taste of victory over himself. Maybe your way was just a couple of miles or you are involved in a one-day tour "Weekend". Maybe you travel the world in every your vacation, learn new country And, of course, the Tourism Day celebrated by those who are directly engaged in tourism business. This tour guides and museum workers, travel agencies and tour guides and interpreters, staff accommodation, sports and entertainment complexes, tourist facilities and camping sites, as well as instructors, chefs and many, many other professionals who provide comfort and safety. Read and understand that gifts need a lot? Girlfriend works in travel agency? Fellow classmates from year to year, creating new routes, one more difficult than the other? There are a couple fellow climbers? Your boss's favorite roadster? Yes, and a son with his friends dreamed of a trip to an environmental camp, about living in tents, on songs by the campfire? Then it's time you discover a new world. World – Travel Gifts! To start a small long learning. Without which the campaign – no campaign. Sleeping bag. When it is selected remember what time of year, your friends prefer to travel in any latitude.