Treasury Secretary

With the announcement by Lehman Brothers (NYSE: LEH), the fourth largest investment bank on Wall Street and with 158 years of existence, about its bankruptcy, void the famous phrase: "Too big to fail." The decision by the U.S. government not to bring aid to Lehman Brothers may change the dynamic of this crisis. Is that when everyone thought there was a limit to the problems in the financial system where large institutions represented a kind of dam, the decision not to support Lehman Brothers has increased the nervousness of the markets who see nothing in the U.S. financial system is safe now and the next victim can be any entity. And yesterday, while Lehman Brothers fell and the Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), purchased from Merrill Lynch (NYSE: MER), the third investment bank on Wall Street, U.S.

$ 44,000 million, the largest insurer in the United States , AIG (NYSE: AIG), saw their roles plummeted by more than 40%. The entity insurer, by this time was managing a bridge loan by the Fed as it moves in the negotiations for a possible sale. Amid the wave of bad news, those who remember the recent statements of Henry Paulson could be asked: Do you have anything to do with all that Paulson's remarks? … Maybe not, but it was wrong by the Treasury Secretary, saying that taxpayer funds should not be used again to rescue a financial firm. These statements do not help us generate more fear in the market in the absence of government support that until a few days ago, was present.