The diagnosis of the D.P is mainly based on clinical, familiar history and neurological examination carried through by a Neurologist, if confirmed the carrier of Parkinson it initiates the symptomatic treatment, whose purpose is to delay the progression of signals symptoms of the pathology (PARKINSON, 2011). The known treatment most efficient and until today is the work to interdisciplinar, where each professional of the health area (physiotherapist, druggist, nutritionist, doctor and nurse) develops its practical assistencial. The treatment is carried through in intention to brighten up the symptoms and the speed of the advance of the illness, thus drawing out, the estimates to keep one better quality of life. An only remedy does not exist cure of the illness much less that decides the problem of these carriers, therefore the importance of a work to interdisciplinar. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with paynet. The nursing has a paper important in the treatment of the illness of Parkinson, having this professional to observe and to evaluate as the illness affected the functional activities of the daily life, capacities, the answers to the treatments and to promote cares to the carrier of the illness that makes possible greater well-being and comfort. The accomplishment of this study, appeared from the necessity of as nurse, to investigate the cares of nursing that can be proportionate to the carrier of Parkinson, to give an integral, humanizada assistance and of quality to this, either acting in the field of the collective health, in the hospital unit or the residence, moreover, can constitute a scientific contribution to in general extend the knowledge of the professionals of the area of nursing and the population concerning the pathology. The nurse knows itself that he is of basic importance the aged carrier of the Illness of Parkinson to be folloied by a team to interdisciplinar and multiprofessional, including, for this it is necessary that duly he is enabled and he has knowledge on the pathology to give the necessary cares. .