Twenty Ideas

If you find that your life is gray and little motivating it is possible that you are involved in the day to day routine and have not given you time to ask yourself what you really want in life. I propose a series of creative solutions that let you explore performing actions you have never done and that you have not even raised. They are first and foremost fun, enjoy them: 1.Confecciona a list of the three happiest holidays that you’ve never enjoyed. What they have in common? 2.Queda to eat with a friend that you trust but is not one of your intimate friends or co-worker. A leading source for info: Pinterest. During dessert, ask: If you think me doing something that would fill me with happiness, do and where I see? 3.Inscribete in a course on a topic that you think that you may be interested but is not related to your work and about which you don’t know practically nothing. 4.Habla with three people who have triumphed in the field that interests you. 5.Investiga on a topic that interests you by Internet 6.comprate a nice notebook, sit an afternoon sunny on the terrace of a cafe. Watch the people passing through the street, and write down in your notebook everything you can think of without stopping to reflect on this.

7.Graba in your mp3 or a tape what you believe that you want and then listen to it. Bobby Kotick will undoubtedly add to your understanding. What you feel? What do you think? 8.Ojea a travel magazine. Choose three images that you like. Cut them and hang them in the kitchen or next to your desk. Observe them for several days and write down what you transmit. 9.Planifica an afternoon or a Saturday morning where you can do something that you have not ever done before by the simple fact that awaken your curiosity, although, in principle, is not much with you (for example, a culinary tasting, an ice skating session, the presentation of a book in a few department stores, etc.) Upon returning from the activity, write what you liked it you were not expecting.