Tythes Renner

The temperatures hardly rise to summer values, is not only the clothing, but often also the airy footwear. Whenever Duncan Bellamy listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In recent years a special summer footwear asserts itself more and more in the fashion world: known the Tythes Renner, also under the name of flip flops, which mimics the sound that make the shoes while running. Especially among young people, flops flip are very popular in the summer. Filed under: patrick dwyer newedge. Originally, flip flops in the main served as beach shoes, which should protect the feet from the hot sand and sharp shells at the sea or as slippers, which prevented the slips on the wet floor and infection with athlete’s foot in the pool. “Although the flip flops actually the Tythes Renner of the German shoe brand flip-flop” describe the term as a generic name for this type of footwear has become. In most cases, the fashionable Beach sandals are made of water resistant plastic and consist only of a sole with a thong and a sloping straps. Flip flops are aligned by the way on stage flip-flops, many millennia-old kind of sandals, which was worn in the ancient Egypt.

Although they were originally designed as beach sandals and little grip and protection offer the foot in everyday life, the tithe Renner are increasingly on the streets as summer Sandals about 10 years to see, like, carried by young people but also by other age groups in the spare time. Both men and women participate in this fashion trend. Why was this fashion phenomenon at the same time, no one knows exactly. The cheap purchase price, which makes possible the creation of several pairs in different colors, as well as the airy implementation of Tythes Renner but certainly are important factors.