United States

They in them attack because of the military presence of U.S.A. in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Middle East, as much that we remove our troops of Arabia Saudita’ ‘. Noam Chomsky, the intellectual more respected and critical of the North American foreign policy, also it declared: ‘ ‘ the soundings show that at least one tero of the Americans who had answered the research, believes that the government of United States and/or Israel had been for backwards of the 11 of Setembro’ ‘. These are two opinions of extremities, that can yes, to be materialize with facts. But, what still it is leagued to the subject, and that cause many controversies since May of this year, it is the death of Osama Bin Laden, accused for the attempted against ones of 11 with September.

It was found in Palestine, and died for the American Army. The problem is that this cause also diverse contrary thoughts, therefore who proved the death of Bin Laden firmly? Where they are the tests? Why so was not divulged its so proven death and how much to the one of Sadan Russen? The one opinion internauta was registered: ‘ ‘ In such a way does not sound the one how much strange death of it to be orquestrada in a precious period to promising president Barack Obama? that by chance popularity was searching a little more than, in order to guarantee its re-election? in the landmark of ten years of the attempted against one that it not only shocked U.S.A., but the entire world? Beyond that the face never more in them awarded with its videos announcing its attacks during good tempo’ ‘. We do not see the tests of the death so clear. Some specialists work with two other hypotheses oppose to the event on the death of announced Osama. The first one is the one that treats as if Osama was yes, deceased, but that its death did not occur in May, but yes it has years. Second he says that Bin Laden is not deceased, was only one action of Obama, with closed projects, to make possible its re-election.

Although several other questions to enter in set with the detached ones, U.S.A. obtained to surpass the 11 of September. Today, a memorial to the victims exists where they were the twin towers, and the World Trade Center is being reconstituted with the two towers that are in construction in a short while distant place of the old one. The death of Osama is remained in the same American form that was counted, causing fear of new attempted against for revenge.