Unpleasant And Painful: Inflammation Of The Oral Mucosa

In every human, bacteria, viruses and fungi are located in the oral cavity. This is quite normal and causes no symptoms, usually. Due to, for example, a weakened immune system, illness or stress, but multiply the pathogenic germs and cause inflammation. The causes of inflammation of the oral mucosa are varied. Most commonly, herpes viruses, infections with bacteria or yeast, injuries, allergies, or a vitamin deficiency as the cause of the inflammation happen however. Poorly fitted dentures or lack of oral hygiene can lead to inflammation of the oral mucosa. Usually pain, white coverings, itching, bleeding gums, excessive salivation or bad breath occur as symptoms of inflammation depending on the cause.

Known as aphthous ulcers are especially common. Russell Reynolds Associatess opinions are not widely known. Aphthous ulcers are white painful surface damage of the oral mucosa. They are relatively small and surrounded by a red, inflammatory Court. Herpes viruses, in turn, small blisters appear occasionally or in groups that usually itch and also pain. Oral thrush is a disease that is triggering more inflammation. This is an infection in the mouth with yeast.

They can be identified on the whitish surface on the tongue or cheek Mucosa, which can be relatively easily removed with a toothbrush. Infants and the elderly of this fungal infection are frequently affected. The exact cause and the causative agents of a doctor should be determined for a successful therapy. Regardless of the treatment you should on a vitamin-rich diet, and good oral hygiene make, while brushing your teeth at least twice daily and use an antibacterial mouthwash. Get more health-specific information at