Victory Human

It analyzes it of Roman Affonso Sant? Anna concerning Life Dry estimated part of one on two sets, where the first one is constituted by Fabiano, Sinha Victory, its children, cachorra Whale and the parrot. Already set 2 composition for the society and/or the hostile world to the cattle tender and its companions functioning as a closed organism that repels any commerce with the elements of set 1. The two sets are disjuntos, since it does not have a system of exchanges only one mechanism of oppression and blockade, leaving of this analyze Afffonso Sant? Anna subdivides the narration in two subgroups: of the human elements: Fabiano, Victory and the children and the infra-human beings: cachorra Whale and the parrot, of in contrast in the distance existing in the Set 1 and Set 2, the two subgroups is on for two polar regions of references, the human elements that Man turns around the paradigm and the other on polar region to the Animal paradigm. However in these two levels exist a gap in the measure where the human elements meet in a lower degree of the level of the Men in against departure the infra-human beings are above of the level of the Animals, this factor make with that the human beings if approach to the animals and the animals arrive at a humanizao level, inside of a process of zoomorficao of the human being and antropomorficao of the animals. The integration enters the symmetrical elements of the two sets happens with the Fabiano relation/Whale, Victory/Parrot, Fabiano feels a man stops later if finding animal, already Victory is compared with the parrot for its husband because of its feet and the way of walking. Fabiano and Baleia permeiam an environment of work, it with the hunting ace pres and it with the work in the field and domain of the animals, already the relation of Victory with the parrot if of the one for the fact of both to possess one ' ' tip of lngua' ' something that Fabiano and Baleia do not possess therefore only ' ' rosnam' ' ' ' grunlhem' '. For more specific information, check out Wells Fargo Bank.