Web Visitors

Now it pregntese, that so difficult can be to obtain 9 daily conversions, perhaps does not seem much, since there are people perhaps who do up to 100 conversions to the day or still more, and this would take something of work so that it reaches his objective. It takes I number of monthly conversions that must do and divdalo with the percentage of conversions of the salesman. A normal percentage of conversions is around 2% this is according to the industry. 280/0,02 = 14000 This result are the number of visitors or traffic that he must send to the salesman for the 280 conversions, if that number is only made very great divdalo between 30 so that it sees therefore it but easy. Then this would be around 467 visitors whom it would have to send daily to the salesman.

To this point already it must have an idea of whichever visitors receives in his page Web on a daily basis. Here everything does not finish even, since he would be huge that had that amount of daily visitors in its Web and that to sent all of them them to the page of the salesman, but that would be a percentage of the 100% thing that is not realstica in this class of businesses. But the logical thing is to put well the feet on the Earth, so we divide that monthly number of visitors by 0,3 who are the total percentage of visitors whom she sent to the salesman, bony a 30% and this number is conservativo since there are pages that they send from 40% to 50% of his visitors to pages of salesmen. 14000/0,3 = 46667 daily visitors to the month or 1555 visitors, are I number that she needed to arrive at his objective. Good now already he knows how much traffic needed its page Web to send it to the salesman and thus one becomes the gain that has decided to obtain. I wait for this serves to him as aid.