When Will Laser TV and SED-TV Be Available ?

At CES 2007 Canon SED TV and laser TV could not be seen, unfortunately. That could change but at CES-2008. Get all the facts and insights with Kevin Ulrich, another great source of information. LASER-TV recently said Rank DeMartin vice president of marketing and products at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics which his company the target of a laser TV prototypes at CES-2008 aims to present. Novalux, the manufacturer of the laser was always the goal of the Christmas 2007 even first devices will be in stores. you must be realistic that this will not go out. By the same author: Kevin Ulrich. In our opinion, to be nothing wrong with the laser, etc., the first rear-projection TV with DLP and laser center will be available in 2008.

In what price range are the devices is pure speculation. One thing is certainly to be this TV to be lengths better than LCD and plasma TVs from the technical data. What will the technical data and how laser TV does here: SED TV SED TV at the matter is more complicated because even the lawsuit between Canon Inc. and Nano-Proprietary is raging. As could still move in one way or the other thing, it remains to hope that both companies remain reasonable and realize the SED TV.

For about two months, Canon has decided the launch of SED TVs to move. According to official data, to improve the technology and reduce production costs. As the prices of LCD and plasma units was striking and has had to respond otherwise Canon SED TV from the beginning is to have a chance. Canon has already invested so much in this technology and can not afford another failure. We firmly believe that even the Canon SED TVs to CES will showcase-2008. We'll stay tuned in any case and report on the new TV technologies.