Wiper Blades

Winter wipers Motor brushes are a key element of wiping: they clean the windshield from mud and water that provides excellent visibility at different times of day and weather conditions. However, the season brings their adjustments. When the temperature has to take into account the peculiarities of the Russian climate. In winter there is a need to replace these components. Production of winter brushes based on the application specific technologies that at low temperatures to maintain high performance: do not freeze to the glass to remain soft and flexible to perform its functions – quality cleaning glass. Winter wiper blades produce well-known manufacturers of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles – Champion, Valeo, swf, Bosch and others. What winter brushes to choose? Let us examine what are the main types of winter brushes offer the world's leading .Na now clearly divided into three main groups of blades, which can be operated in the winter. The first group – a brush that looks a lot like a "normal".

A series of releases, For example, Valeo – one of the firms that are leaders in developing and manufacturing systems, wiper motor. To improve the work of brushes in winter conditions, Valeo engineers have provided this windshield temperature indicator. At a temperature environment above +2 C indicator looks like a white circle, and when and at lower temperatures, the indicator turns blue and it shows a snowflake. This information is useful for the driver to determine the required concentration windshield washer fluid. The main difference between this series of brushes is to use a special water-resistant rubber, which does not freeze to the windshield and remains softer at low temperatures, than the usual "summer" tires. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Wells Fargo Bank.

Metallic elements in this series wiper blades are replaced by plastic, which is less freeze. The second group – it's the windshield wipers equipped with special rubber covers. In As an example, we describe the structure of the winter brushes Trico Winter Blade. In developing this series of brushes engineers to maintain and strengthen a metal frame. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Marko Dimitrijevic. At the same time were considered high mechanical loads, which wiper experiencing winter. The rubber of the blades corresponds to winter conditions. Rubber boot protects the internal metal structure and the adjoining rubber element, so the integral link brush snow and the ice does not freeze. This ensures the mobility of janitors, and protects metal parts from corrosion. In summer the average vehicle speed is higher than in winter, and the aerodynamic properties of the "shrouded" brushes, Of course, worse than usual. Therefore, most drivers in the warm weather changing winter wipers for the summer. Given the relatively high cost of winter brushes, most fuel-efficient drivers use one set for a few winters. The third group – frameless wiper blades. It's safe to say that it is best suited for use in winter wiper Flat Blade – the so-called "flat" brush most modern type of wiper blades. In swf, such brushes are called Visioflex and VisioNext, at trico – Innovision, a series of valeo Silencio xtrm, and at bosch – Aerotwin. Flat Blade design does not need to close the cover, since these janitors are no metallic compounds. Spoiler is a single whole with a rubber band and provides a solid performance brushes when driving at high speeds. Ultra-design and even pressed to the windscreen significantly improve the aerodynamic and aeroacoustic characteristics of these brushes.