With Stephan Kock

This provision of our Training order is used to ensure the quality and independence of medical training by economic interests. Here is first and foremost thought that training not be abused by the pharmaceutical industry, to promote individual products of course. In the case of the communication seminar, my problem looks slightly different: here I make especially sure to assess the usefulness of the training for everyday practice. Editor: And how come in the events the doctors and physicians at Mr Dr. Berson,? Mr. Dr. Berson: The seminars are a great success. With Stephan Kock woman Szameitat has apparently found the right speakers, because the reviews of numerous participants have been awarded.

I’m glad as a general practitioner in Kempen am Niederrhein and as a Board member of the arztekammer Nordrhein, because from my experience and from working in the Medical Association I know that the conversation is a very important ability of us physicians and doctors. Unfortunately, there are still certain shortcomings. This applies to the talk with colleagues and with the employees in practice – but especially the patient doctor talk that has a very significant therapeutic importance. Doctors must be even better is to understand problems and to be understood with our proposals. Since training can only help.

Editor: How to judge the development of the seminar series for the group leader? And what’s your plan for 2012? Mr. Hantschke: My experience is also that the seminars are very well accepted by the caregivers. I think that consciousness is present at many caregivers, that you could set up his own practice or pharmacy even better, taking into account certain principles. A successful patient or customer communication contributes as well such as a functional leadership and practice marketing.