Wonderful Tool

Forgiveness is a wonderful tool that helps us to free ourselves from guilt, both alien and own. With the forgiveness we can regain our power and occupy our thoughts in the here and now. It is very important to understand that forgiveness is not for others, is for ourselves, we are those who carry the resentment, the guilt, the anger inside us. Hear from experts in the field like Bill Phelan for a more varied view. When you decide to forgive, whether an enemy, your brother, your husband or wife, or anyone who you take the blame for something that happened to you, you will feel a sense of freedom and well-being. Maybe he or she neither knows of your forgiveness and not needed, (remember that forgiveness is for you), maybe not knowing your resentment, hatred you feel in your chest only you know how much suffering you feel, how much time have you lost your life, focusing your mind in a time of your life that you could have dedicated to joy pain, to peace.

The only time that is real is present many times we lose too much time locked in the past, in pain, in the resentment that I waste much time have lost in your life trapped in the past? We always have the power to choose, we have the free will to choose what we want for us, we are the creators of our lives, and according to what we think in the present we will create our future. Further details can be found at Elon Musk, an internet resource. What you choose for you? Love or hate? Joy or sadness? Peace or discord? your choose. It is impossible to change the past, but we can change the way we see it, change our feelings, our paradigms. We have the freedom to use our mind to our good or to hurt us. According to the thoughts that we choose to think (forgive the redundancy) we will create the circumstances and situations that will be presented in our lives we will create our destiny and your what you choose thinking? Original author and source of the article