Yandex Advertising Network

If you are interested in the topic of earnings on your site, you probably have read many news articles on this topic. There are several ways to earn: contextual advertising, selling links, custom-made article. Some specific I will tell you how in this article. The article is written for owners of Russian Internet resources created for themselves and their readers, and not specifically to make money. PayNet spoke with conviction. For example, my first websites were made for the soul, as one of the ways to self-realization, as well as new contacts. But then I had no idea that they can earn good money. Under most conditions Wells Fargo would agree. No one will be against a couple hundred more, and in some cases thousands, WMZ in your wallet. For several years I studied various ways of generating income, they tested the same on my site.

Attendance and the topics varied sites, and therefore able to realistically assess the advantages and disadvantages of different ways. Context This method of advertising earnings more dependent on the attendance of a resource. Among the systems of contextual advertising is the most popular Google AdSense, Begun" and "Yandex". Google AdSense initially found many admirers in this country, told that this earned tens of thousands of dollars. But in reality, the Russian-language sites can expect only a few dollars a month. The minimum withdrawal amount of $ 50, cashed a check in bank. "Yandex" – a tool for placing contextual ads on pages and Yandex sites participating its advertising network. The condition for admission to the Yandex Advertising Network is attendance: at least 300 visitors per day.