Russian Grid

This innovative approach in the EU and North America, despite the high cost solutions, today is much more preferable to compared to the extensive build-up generating capacity. The concept of capacity increase was widespread in the Soviet Union and today is expressed in the creation of duplicative and redundant power supply channels, but therefore, backup generation. As a consequence, the current Russian economy is characterized by record levels of energy intensity of gross domestic product (GDP). Promotion of intellectual power in Russia recently provided by the significant federal support. At the state level, it was announced on priorities for energy conservation and energy efficiency targets were set and their planned values, gradually formed the budgets to support the initiative. This support will greatly facilitate the involvement of private capital in projects, especially as the market SMART Grid brings together companies of different Profile: from device manufacturers and software developers – to installers and consulting companies. Geography Research: United States – a detailed analysis of the market SMART Grid; Russia – Analysis of current state grid, the trends related markets (accounting devices, smart buildings), the whole world – the overall market. The report consists of seven sections.

The first section presents the key definitions used in the future in the report. The second section describes the components of the concept of SMART Grid: Smart Grid levels, the basic elements and principles of interaction on every level. In the third section provides a quantitative assessment SMART Grid world market and its individual segments (hardware, software).

Benjamin Franklin

All your documents, pictures, etc. etc. will be with you in the thousands of miles from home. At work – the perfect tool a business person. All important Information at your fingertips. From anywhere you can control the process. In fact, no less useful mini-laptop students, replacing all the notebooks and books, and facilitating training in times of protsess.Sovmestimost all popular devices If you think that the laptop is a 'box in itself', which can only then that she can, then …

you have the information. For a laptop you can connect almost anything. Perhaps somewhere there is even refrigerators that can be connected to a laptop. So – if you have enough powerful mini-laptop for playing high-definition video (HD-video), then you may connect it to your HD-TV and watch movies on it. Yes and no necessarily high definition.

You can view and regular DVD on TV screen. Can connect a multi-channel sound system fashion, and enjoy cool sounds. If you are really very rare music fan, you can connect to mini-notebook external sound card via USB. Any printer, scanner, external hard drive (storage), TV tuner (to receive TV signals directly on your mini-notebook), camera, video camera – connect! Also there is a lot of knick-knacks of any type of table lamps, massagers, vacuum cleaners, coffee stands for heating – all this and much more easily connected to the mini-notebook. It is important that most laptops are supported Memory – SD, Memory-stick, and so on. Many of the mini-laptops now without DVD-drive – you can always connect an external DVD-drive. Well, of course, you can use ordinary USB-fleshki.Stoit it worth it? Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706. Except that invented the rocking chair, is now known that his face adorns the hundred dollar bill – actually, it is engaged with the 1928 year. Unfortunately, he was unable to sit in his rocking chair to work on a laptop. Y We also have it. And every day it takes fewer and fewer pieces of paper with the image of Benjamin respected. Mini-laptop in all respects advantageous to their stationary counterparts. For the price, he caught up with them and ahead – in the smaller side. Buying a desktop computer today can be only one purpose – to play very demanding games – no more sense. If we compare the mini-notebooks up to 13 inches with the models larger, then there is a cheaper and more expensive luxury models. But, in general, there are many affordable low-cost variantov.Prestizh subjective measure, but a place to be. Simple, elegant notebook underlines the status of its owner. Nice laptop will provide you among friends. And any mini-notebook, in principle, to show that the person you are today.