National Curricular Lines

' ' So great task demands exmio professional, with corresponding remuneration, prestige and ability. This lacks of constant update, ahead of the propagandas of the modern world and the innovative conduction of the society and the economy (…) ' '. (DEMON, 1995, P. 95) Even so advances in the efetivao of public politics for average education in Brazil, the reality exist still this far from being the ideal. In such a way, one becomes necessary to surpass the difficulties found in this level of education, betting in the joint work and providing to the future generations better chances, not repeating errors that throughout our history had been committed. Moreover, it is imperative also to think about an overcoming of the dualidade of education. In this direction, Frigotto, Ciavatta and Ramos (cited for BRUEL, 2010, P.

188) explain: The possibility to integrate general formation and formation technique in average education, aiming at to an integral formation of the human being, is … necessary condition for the passage in direction to polytechnical average education and the overcoming of the educational dualidade for the overcoming of the dualidade of classrooms. She is necessary, therefore, that a true joint between average education and the professional education exists, what will be given for a way of double hand. It fits to the schools of average education to contemplate in its proposal pedagogical, in accordance with the local characteristics and of its clientele, excellent contents, as the National Curricular Lines of direction for Average Ensino explicitam. In a similar way, the schools of professional formation must observe which knowledge already had been acquired by the deriving pupils of average education and to use to advantage them. In such a way, a new culture of solidarity and exercise of the citizenship proposal in the lines of direction of average education will only be able to become true if the arraigados customs of an imperatively exculpatory society are substituted by a culture of conquered citizenship.

Windows ME System

But with the release of a new system of Microsoft learned that this rule does not always work: Vista became the largest marketing and trading company since the failure of Windows ME (Millennium Edition). Maybe that's why many opponents of Vista compared to those systems. But if they have indeed something in common? Was Vista second Millennium Edition? Of course, there are some parallels: in the ME because of the new model drivers older programs were not working or functioning properly. In Vista, there are the same critical mistakes. Most of the flaws Microsoft patched with Service Pack 1, but before that there was a whole year. But the similarity ends. Problems like bad connection to the Internet and the constant danger of freezing, have been in the ME, Vista does not have: a While based on MS-DOS Millennium Edition is highly vulnerable to pests, Vista shines all safety features.

In short, the methods of work on both systems comparable. Myth 6. One stroke. Windows – the main goal of hackers. The brave little tailor, who can put seven flies with one blow, not compete with the hackers, if they strike the web, far more computers become their victims. It is argued that the primary objective of hackers – it's Windows. This can be true name is very conditional, because the attackers are looking for weaknesses not only in the operating system.

The true source of danger – it's installed programs. Nostrum hackers – to send a user to a fake page and offer to download a program or codec, which is already built malicious scripts. The trend is clear: the danger comes from the rare Windows – more of a web-based applications such as browsers, email clients and Internet pagers. In order to effectively protect your PC, you should not simply hold monthly update Windows, but check all the programs on relevance. Myth 7. Vista. Obsessive protection. Some believe that the control system Account (User Account Control) is excessive. Remember in the book 'Alice in Wonderland' is only one lady, possessing absolute power: the duchess suppressed their subjects and quite a powerful effect on all nerves. Microsoft is not so harsh, but it prevents more – so say many opponents of Vista. One of the points of concern – a system of UAC (UAC): the prevention of corruption is too intrusive, there are too many and thus they can not be ignored. True, most often occurs on the newly installed system: Vista asks before every installation, whether the user wants to run and this program. But if all the basic settings are made, Vista user is unlikely to face with pop-up windows. If you want to completely disable the UAC system, it can be done via the 'System Management' under 'User Accounts'. But you remain without important safety function. Better level of protection you will achieve by creating two separate entries – user and admin: so only authorized users can make changes in system. This can be done via the menu 'System Management User Accounts Manage another account'. Alternatively, you can use Sandboxie, that make programs such as the browser to work in chroot?

Internet Job Search

Then look for a job by typing over the Internet, threw money to start work, but there had been deceived. I bought a course in online polls – there is a very tedious job and need to know English, shorter an extra headache. Paul bought the courses Berestneva – "build your business for 3 months." 2 years ago it did not take it seriously, but now they have a great help to me in site promotion and more. Tried and such business as exchange of electronic money (web Money). Studied courses Evgeny Popov (dvd drive) I bought a package of "The Matrix" – certainly brought benefits – learned a lot. Why I chose the Internet? Because I see that the development of the Internet are not stop and reverse the rapid development goes. Every day the Internet connects so many people.

And entrepreneurs are slowly but surely moving their businesses to the Internet. If you do not start using the Internet in their business, then it will doubtless profit slump – assume a 3 or 4 years. I now have enough knowledge had accumulated about Internet business, and I am confident about the future. From all the above, I want to make one conclusion: If you want to and want to build your business online, then you must do the following: 1. First we need to believe in themselves and who either do not listen.

Set a goal and achieve it by any means overcoming all obstacles. 2. You necessarily need a mentor (a man), who excelled in the same field, in his interest to help you become successful. And learn from him! 3. You have to evolve every day, reading, listening to records, study the success of others people interact with successful people. 4. In the Internet business is an important function in your website. Think of it as your face. Also the second factor – is creating a team to build a powerful business. For this purpose, mailing, where you communicate with the person as a friend. The main trust of a partner to win, but it's not an easy task and requires a lot of time for people to trust you. Also in recent times – is important to create your blog. Simple words – your blog is the twin on the Internet. 5. The most important thing in Internet business – THIS ACTION, ACTION AND ONCE MORE ACTION. If you sit and look at the monitor and only dream, the result is nothing happens. I started actively work with and learn not long ago and see the results every day increases, it becomes a lot of friends and partners. If you want to know what I'm doing, I wrote about this on my site. About me: George milking, born in 1987, residing in Moldova. In his spare time he enjoys sports, computer programs, Internet marketing, I'm fond of reading business books in the field of marketing, psychology of influence and success. I love to vacation in the woods with friends, especially barbecue. Partners from which I learn: Vladimir cold – one of the first Internet entrepreneurs in the Russian-speaking Internet, Dmitry Borisov, Paul Berestnev, Belyaykin Artem Smakotin Dmitri Negoda Maxim, Evgeny Popov, Azamat Ushanov, Alexander Dotsenko and other successful people. Good luck to you all.

Average Age

Been born in Salvador, Bahia, the 17 of February of 1929, made its primary and secondary studies there, graduating itself Right, for the University of the Bahia, in 1950. Having to decide not to follow the profession, one registered the course of Geography and History of the College of Philosophy and Sciences Human beings of the same University, getting the degree of permitted in Geography and History in the year of 1955. Through stock market granted for the French government, it got License in Geography Human being and Economic for the University of Estrasburgo, in July of 1959.* In 1987 Waldir Freitas Oliveira it publishes the Way of the Average Age, a relatively compact workmanship and objective that deals with mainly on specific points to the religion with regard to the Roman Empire, opposing Empire this that already meets I divide between Ocidente and East. Of start the author in the sample as was the Christianity in the East, where he did not meet established the Christian doctrine, a time marked for conflicts, opposing frequent some to the others, its proper followers, between Nestorianos, Monofisistas and Calcednios. Something interesting of if noticing are the much more next relation where the east (especificadamente Constantinopla) has with the religion, and same throughout the years, through these disputes, unification attempts (with special prominence the Justiniano) it is arrived the end of century VI, a broken up Eastern Christianity, having for base churches that continued to confrot themselves, defending orthodox diverse principles being, Nestorianos and Monofisistas, beyond is clearly of influences exerted of the Eastern Christianity on the Ocidente having a fusing of ‘ ‘ Religiosas’ cultures; ‘ so to speak.

Already on the Christianity in the Ocidente the Author if at the time arrests the Biography of prominence figures as Saint Augustin, Blessed of Nrsia and Great Gregorio; these that, according to author, for its thoughts, actions and diffusions of ideas, would have in this established period the principles on which it would start to support itself Church of Rome to affirm its priority as superior force placed above of the power of the men, also detaching the paper of monges, responsible for great progressos in the expansion of the Christianity on lands of the Europe. Finally the author speaks on the Germanic presence in the Ocidente, presence this that goes to bring an overturn in the papers where the Romans leave to be dominadores and pass to be dominated, also having an intense mixture of cultures having the fast adaptation of the full brothers to the urban life as main prominence. The Christianity also plays a basic role where the unitria idea of Empire goes to act as great factor of unit of the Europe substituting with advantage and constituting the new religion with its message of universalista and igualitrio character In satisfactory way and making use of a clear and simple language of easy agreement the author passes its ideas with regard to the period and on the main subject; Christianity and Religion in the Ocidente and East, but sin for making use of practically biographies in the part where if it deals with the Ocidente. Pra is a recommended reading who works in the area, either academic or and even though curious on the subject, not only requiring a previous knowledge on the studied period.