The Task

Inserted in this context the paper of the professor has basic importance for reingresso of the pupil to the groups of EJA and in the search of the construction of a new identity from the moment of its insertion in the world of the letters. 4.3. Some reflections of the reality of the EJA ' ' The new conception of young education of adult puts in check practical the current ones, a time that it asks for a true reticular organization (nets), in the interior of the formal and not formal systems, innovations, greater criticidade and flexibility. It will be necessary to face challenges, manejando with the education of adults, inside of new boardings, in the perspective of the education, throughout all the life (…). ' ' (MOURA, 2004, p.40). One perceives that while more the economic and social crisis is accented, more the EJA assumes relevance politics.

The dramaticidade of the life of the citizens stirs up to fight them it for its rights. The EJA considers in its bulge the pedagogical dialogue, going beyond a pedagogical perspective that makes possible a reflection of the oppressed ones on its proper one desumanizao and, at the same time, constructs its process of recovery of the humanity. Now if they have a new to look at on the citizens of the EJA, therefore the concern is not only with the pertaining to school trajectory, but mainly with the personal trajectories and human beings, as men, women, aboriginals, blacks and blacks, of the work and the social construction. According to ARROYO (2001, p.242): ' ' The oppressed ones are human beings forbidden to be. Therefore, the task of the education is to catch as (the oppressed ones) they try to surpass the conditions forbid that it to be; to perceive and if to oppose to the situations and the conditions where they carry through its existence where if they deform and if desumanizam' '.

Trademark Owners

Upon receipt, the date and hour receipt is in the form, and the owner is sent a notification. If the application meets the relevance to business requirements, the period of protection will come into force from the date of filing. Infringement of third party Period The registration application in the Benelux countries is ten years and may be updated an infinite number of times at the request of the owner, but each time on a ten-year period. The owner himself has to take action against a third hand, if during the period of registration of such third party misusing or infringing its registered trademark. Trademark Office Benelux has no authority to such measures. However, there is an opportunity for the owner of an earlier trade mark within two months after the publication of the application submitted to the Trademark Office Benelux written objection to the trademark, which is: Has the likeness of his own trademark, may be misleading with regard to its own well-known trademark. This procedure objection applies only in situations where has been sought registration of the later trademark.

In all other cases in which a third party infringes the rights of the trademark owner, the manner in which the owner may take action depends on the circumstances of the case. If you are not expected settlement of the dispute, the court will decide whether there are violations of rights or trademark infringement. If there is no specific agreement to the contrary, the court's jurisdiction based on the domicile of the defendant or the place where led to litigation liability arose or occurred, or are taking place. The place where the trademark was registered or posted, in any case does not in itself can serve as a basis for determining jurisdiction. If these criteria are insufficient to determine jurisdiction, the plaintiff may file suit in the Court of Brussels, The Hague or Luxembourg, at his choice. After the national capacity Justice will be used, the owner may also apply to the national court which had jurisdiction over the dispute in the last instance, for the consideration of prejudicial question to the Court of Justice of the Benelux or, if it concerns a trademark of the Commonwealth, the European Court of Justice.