Recycle Bin

On the other hand the cost of promotion of your web site, publications in newspapers, pamphlets that are distributed in the cities that end up on the floor, in the Recycle Bin, or simply in your folder since the people do not want them, and I am not criticising these marketing techniques, what happens is that you start to think that your business is valuable and what is valuable is not in common things. In addition you sure you don’t want to spend the afternoon answering calls from curious people who have seen your advertisement in the newspaper, imagining that after explaining to them the magnificent your company compensation plan, they shall be recorded and shall be persons who you lead to the most high of the payment plan. Then with these techniques the only thing you get is to attract people who are not looking for the same as you, perhaps an extra income, maybe a hobby, but are not willing has do what tu, i.e. investing in your knowledge, capacitandote acquiring new skills and increasingly investing your time and your money because you know that the reward will be great, and that is what they are looking for a long term business. If there may be any person who has wounded through these systems to the most high, but one among thousands, do these willing to sacrifice all the time that is required to find that person?, can get it? If Yes, of course but your goal is to find several of these leaders, by that you are in the MLM to work more intelligently and not as hard. Then without despising the old techniques I want to show you an alternative, which you will have to esfozarte and work on out front, but they are technical has many networkers, like me, them are functioning.

I’m going to use a phrase you have maybe heard who purchase a drill do not want in reality a drill, what you want is a hole Perry Marshall this famous phrase from Perry Marshall, that does not indicate is that if you want to sell drills you will have to do an advertising campaign on how to make holes. The techniques you are using the majority of networkers to reach to more people, they are based on a 90% on sales and direct promotion of your business to people who asked it, or have never been a MLM, or know that it is, nor are willing to pay for being in one. This is the main cause for which thousands of networkers are exposed to the rejection, and to who likes to be rejected?, anyone, if they are not trained to accept it, give up and are part of the long list of people who have failed in business on the Internet. If you do not want to be part of this long list, I invite you to follow my essential 2.0 MLM training course and begin to implement the marketing of attraction in your strategies and form part of this new wave.

The Central Bank

Although during the month of February, Bank spreads, i.e. the ratio between the cost of acquisition and the rates charged to customers, fell to 29.7 percentage points, from 30.5 percentage points for the month of January, they are in an excessively high level making a good part of potential applicants of credits are automatically excluded. The current situation makes that profitable investment projects but with low risk (and logically, with low profitability), not to carry out their investments since the high financial cost makes that they are not profitable. The Central Bank of Brazil is seeking to shrink this differential rates and according to this, announced that it will present you in today, a number of proposals to the national monetary Council. These measures include a positive cadastre, which will allow customers to carry a credit history banking institution to another and get better credit terms (increasing competition and reducing the cost of credit rating). From the Brazilian business community has requested that the Government will reduce the tax burden affecting the banking spread. With these initiatives for the Brazilian banking sector, increase growth prospects. This year, the Central Bank of Brazil predicts a growth in the volume of credit of 14%, acceptable level considering the external context of instability, their impact on the Brazilian economy and the fact that expected growth and inflation rates mean that it produces a credit growth in terms of GDP.

Banking private of Brazil (and especially for large entities), the initiatives carried out by the Brazilian Government increase the challenges of 2009. The struggle to gain share in the banking market will be tough in a context where the effects of the external crisis will act as an obstacle to the credit dynamics. Banking public owns 50% of the credit stock of the Brazilian banking system. This coupled with the low level of credit to existing PBI and the potential impact of the measures of the Government to reduce the cost of credit, make private banks have a potential for expansion rather than attractive. And while in developed economies the banking sector struggles to survive a new episodes of crisis, in Brazil it is time of growth and consolidation of the sector may be Brazilian banks take this opportunity?


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