The Balcony

Nobody served me coffee, or opened the car door for me. The driver was another. And I didn’t know where I was. On television left a so stupid like mine song and another singer with my same smile, but with another face. I looked out to the balcony, with my smile in tow and a tumult was not formed, nor heard shouts or fanfare.

I sang and danced without receiving applause and two passers-by laughed at me. My looked as if he were a madman. I could not sadden me because my smile remained stuck to my face have I died? I asked myself. I wanted to call someone, but I didn’t have who and do not know what to do, just know singing and dancing to the rhythm of the idiocy. My old songs do not leave me. Look in the mirror and there is nobody on the other side I know, I know! I have to break the mirror to get out of this situation! Yes, and call that girl’s dark and wavy mane who sells newspapers in the Plaza of the grain. My lips already move and speak without smiling. I know that there is a fountain at the end of the street Matasiete and a river, there where the lighthouse, where you can stroll in the spring and see few poppies that remain.

I imagine surrounded by people, the spotlights focusing on me, broadcasters around the world recording me and I… and I? Is there someone there, to the other side? Is there anyone who drink a glass of wine and chat? Writer. With several essays on economy in relation to the economy and basic income. Author of plays and stories of great originality.

Making Money Online

You’ve probably heard about Internet when it comes to opportunities to make money. If you are considering making money online, you can then consider the work online to obtain an additional income. All of us have heard of how other people have made a lot of money online, we have all heard about the people left their work because their business on the Internet gave him more income. Therefore, many people question whether it is so easy to make money online as it seems. Earn money on the Internet does not require hard work. While many find Internet jobs more suitable for them, working online doesn’t mean that you must not do hard work. The money that comes from jobs online not comes from anywhere, you have to work for the.

The good news is that when it comes to this type of work, you have more control over this. You can have control over how much desire as well as also have control over the hours in which you are working. Working through the Internet is not as easy as it seems, but it can be more easy with many of the available resources. You can read articles and blogs to learn about your new adventure to make money online. So easy is going to be your work not only depends on the amount of work that you’ve invested, but that so much knowledge you have, if you work in an intelligent way everything will be more simple and fluira in way more natural.


The vast majority of people who ask me about their relationship is because they suffer. They suffer from love, suffering from unrequited love, suffering from abandonment, suffer infidelity and also suffer from uncontrollable jealousy, among other situations. Suffering and love is an idea that is at all times present in lovers. Songs, poems, literature, cinema and novels talk about this intense pain that you when she loves. It is truth be in love involves risks and commitments, which at times, lead us to experience pain, suffering, or insecurities.

It is obvious that love and its risks are lurking all the time in the life of couples. But if only you suffer in your relationship, and you’re not enjoying and enjoying the solidarity of the company, to share, to feel that you are important for this couple, then your relationship is not being constructive or functional. Men and women consulted to end his suffering love, however, want their partners to change so they are happy, or at least, for which his aquiete heart and your pain slows. Nobody can give what you do not have. And if your only partner is capable of giving you suffering, it is the only thing that can give you. At least in that moment of life as a couple. Relations are also desgatan, love has just been or is transformed, but definitely, if you are not able to accept a man or a woman, let’s say unfaithful, then, because you tolerate the first, the second, the third and you become a guardian of their days, their nights, their actions, their calls, their words. I.e.

If the infidelity is not something that you accept in your scale of values, then you suffer, but you decide not according to your conviction, by contrast, remain in relationship day and night crying your misfortune. What keeps people in loving suffering are not their conditions, but their decisions, their indecision and doubts. They fear that if they leave or break with this couple they will suffer, but I wonder: what are not in any way suffering and despair all the time? Only everyone inside knows, although not the recognize if their suffering is tolerable or not. But spend life suffering because does not love us, because we are infidels, because they abandoned us, because we feel abused, then, is necessary to undertake a path of personal development to regain the trust in love. But I speak from personal love, dignify our own person to ourselves. If you’re in love you and suffer speaks of a very big personal abandonment. You’re more pending the other or the other than you. And therefore, you need to start taking actions that take you to a recovery not of your partner but of yourself. Do not suffer more by love and begins to do something for your life, for your dreams, to build healthier and more constructive relations. Thanks for reading, my mission is the quality of emotional life and its impact on the social. At Cecreto have material for which you start to think about your ways of loving and living and the e-book: how to regain the trust in love: wounds and scars in the couple relationship, is a guide that takes you step by step to help you achieve it. Stop suffering and He begins to live. And if not now when?

CVH Material Handling

Tips on renting a truck to avoid additional Cost for rental truck, specialists CVH Material Handling recommend you pay attention to the following key points. Capacity. First of all you have to be clear, what goods will be working loader you wish to rent. It's worth noting: the mass of transported goods, lift height and dimensions of the cargo. Lift height. The higher the setting, the more expensive the rental cost for the truck with the relevant characteristics.

Depending on the height of lifting is necessary to choose an appropriate model cars. Fork length truck. Napriyamuyu depends on the size of transported goods, but in some cases, fork length Loader , dependent on the availability of goods (for example, if a machine can not get close to the cargo by reason of the latter). Sufficiently important parameter for selecting a particular model truck rental. Type engine.

Today the market offers electric and trucks. The latter, in turn, are divided by type of engine on gasoline, diesel and gas. Before you sign a lease truck, it is necessary determine its type. So, for the transportation of food cargoes often use electric. For outdoor use the most relevant are trucks, fueled by petrol, diesel or gas. Bus. Most preferred is the rental truck with pneumatic tires, as they negate the irregularities of the floor while driving the car. On the other hand, the truck with tires may not be acceptable for transporting fragile goods. Additional features. In some cases, to optimize the movement of goods and cost savings it makes sense to rent a loader, equipped with options like heated cab, klipovy capture, fork extensions, and others. Using rented equipment greatly increases the flexibility of firms, makes unusual solutions problems, relieves headaches maintenance of equipment, maintenance garage, fleet. All this will take care of our company. We are available in many regions of Russia. Our technique works in most southern and most northern parts of our great country. To date, in the lifting equipment is not a task that would not be able to decide which technique Manitou and could not decide you are with us – CVH Material Handling (495) 925-51-19.

Lesson Learned

I asked what kind of waste is and why, to which he replied that the site was selling the material marketed only two types of plastics. Lesson Learned # 1: You must ensure that the waste will have the final destination must be at separate b. Recyclable waste not come clean. It is very easy to carry residues and put them in a bag and ignore them (that are used always). However, when you leave a bag containing milk, besides, the few drops of the bag begin to decompose and if this will agregasuna bag containing meat, a few hours the smell is awful. Not to mention the appearance and proliferancion mosquitoes and bacteria. There are multi-user buildings that have recycling programs, then all you have to do is take the garbage bag or appropriate container shut.

However, I live in a townhouse and had to stay with the waste until it was garbage truck. Lesson learned # 2: Recycling not only means to separate the waste, it must also be fitted out, c. Recyclers do a work so large and complex Accustomed to put trash in a bag and ignore what happens in the beginning of my experience with recycling, waste delivered as they separated, with the problems entailed in the literal b . And one day I realized that the person who delivered the bag of recycled material in the beginning they received, reescogia and took what I needed. Then he opened the bag and left it there.

French Revolution

With the advent of the free work during the French Revolution and of the assalariamento in English Industrial revolution this picture suffered some modifications. Men, women and even though children worked on pssimas conditions of work and desumanas hours of working, in exchange for mseros wages. In book 1 of the Capital, Marx (2008, p.284) cites a case of this exploration in an English plant during the Industrial Revolution: Wilhelm Wood, a boy of 9 years, ' ' it had 7 years and 10 months of age, when trabalhar&#039 started; '. It dealt with forms (it took the shaped merchandise to the drying chamber to apanhar later, in return, the empty forms) since the beginning. It arrives, all day of the week, in the work, to the 6 hours of the morning and finishes its day for return of 9 hours of the night. ' ' Work up to 9 hours of the night, all day of the week. Thus, for example, during last the 7 the 8 semanas.' ' Fifteen working hours per day for a boy of 7 years! Moreover, in the book the 3 of the Capital Marx (2008, P. 65) a plant goes beyond when describing during the Revolution English: This economy if extends to the supercapacity of narrow, unhealthy enclosures, with workers, what in the capitalist language, wants to say to save constructions; accumulation of dangerous machinery in the same places and omission of ways of protection against the danger; lack of rules of precaution in production processes that, for its nature, are unhealthy or, as in mines, implies danger etc. Bringing this question for the Brazilian scope, after the Constitution of 1891, already it appears some working laws, and still, before the Constitution of 1934, during the Provisory Government, Russomano (2006) approaches that laws on syndical organization had been promulgated, nationalization of the work, industrial accidents, collective conventions and Justice of the Work.