European Economic Community

Torre Agbar, Barcelona.
Spain’s entry into the European Economic Community (EEC) predecessor of the EU on January 1 of 1986 strengthened the economic momentum in the final started. Entry required that the country opened its economy, with a sharp increase in foreign investments in Spain and momentum modernizer of Spanish companies with foreign competition. There was also an increase in public investment in infrastructure among whom were those relating to the splendor of the 92 Olympics in Barcelona and Seville World Exhibition. There was a hitch in consumption caused by an enhancement effect caused by the rise of the stock exchange and the value of the property. With this, India accelerated GDP growth, reduced public debt, the unemployment rate fell from 24.4 to 15 in 3 years and inflation fell below 3 .
The most important challenges for the Spanish economy include the reduction of public deficit, a further reduction in unemployment, the reform GNPR Investments of labor laws, reduced inflation, increased performance and productivity and increased GDP per capita .
After the strong growth experienced in the late 1980s, the Spanish economy went into recession in mid-1992. Since 1992 economic policy was marked bythe Maastricht Agreement led to the introduction of the euro as the common currency of the European Union. The measures that involved the control of inflation and public deficits.
The economy recovered after 1995, driven by increased consumer confidence and increased private consumption, although this growth has been lower in recent years. Unemployment remains a problem for the Spaniards (in 2005 the unemployment rate was 8.5 ), but even so this is an improvement over previous levels.The devaluation of the peseta in the course of the 1990s made exports more competitive, but the strength of the euro since its adoption (in early 2008, one euro has come to change by 1.50 U.S. dollars) raised doubts about whether export prices are too high for foreign buyers. However, this has been offset by the ease of trade between the countries of the euro area and the new relations of Spain with Latin America and Asia.


The destination does not reign without the secret complicity of instinct and the will. We have Giovanni Papini while life we will be subject to surprises that fate holds for us and many of them will be very taken into account in favour of our personal growth and even in the spiritual and transcendent, but is the destination? Wikipedia in this regard indicates that destination is the supernatural power that is believed, guides the lives of any being necessary form and often is fatal, i.e., inevitable or unavoidable. In Western culture the most religions believed in forms of target, especially related to predestination. The destination is a path with many addresses. Adds us that the destination is a metaphysical construct and as such is subject to interpretations. The destination would be unknowable and inevitable succession of events occurring in different place and time whose consequence of the past affecting one or future more events, as well as the network of possibilities for the future because of the present actions and past events.

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Save & Earn Money

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Cute Cartoon Creator

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Electronic Invoicing

DocPath, a company of one hundred per cent Spanish capital’s leading film production software, has announced the addition to its family of solutions of a new feature that enables electronic invoicing. Easy to deploy and manage, allowing companies to comply with regulations and technical specifications imposed by the Public Administration to issue invoices Facturae format. More information: As stated in the Order PRE/2971/2007 since last August, all those companies that submitted a Profit and Loss Account abbreviated need to transmit their invoices to the Public Administration in electronic format. A provision shall serve the remainder of the organizations from next November 1st, 2010. To comply with the rules and get an electronic bill having the same legal validity as a paper issued, the digital document that represents it must contain the required fields due to any bill, be signed by an advanced electronic signature based on qualified certificate and be transmitted from one computer to another with the consent of both parties. Safety, comfort and saving time, advantages of electronic invoicing This feature allows a digital signature of documents in PDF format, and safely ensure the integrity of the same, and the identity of the signer.

Thus, DocPath offers organizations the ability to anticipate the entry into force of new regulations governing billing systems, and that its implementation can provide significant improvements in business processes. Besides being a completely safe and more comfortable, electronic billing reduces the times of sending and receiving invoices and has a guaranteed return on investment because it reduces costs associated with printing and transfer the role of a considerably. About DocPath DocPath is a company of one hundred per cent Spanish capital, a leader in the manufacture of software document technology. Founded in 1992, is headquartered in Madrid, has two development centers and is present with its solutions in companies around the world. Its international customers include banks and corporations prestigious frontline, which makes the difficult and complex task of designing, generating and distributing critical business documents. DocPath has a strong commitment to R & D, the area that gives 50 percent of their income and in which lies a key to its success.

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