National Autonomous University

During the war provoked by the military uprising of General Franco was appointed director general of the Ministry of Local Government. At the end of the war, takes the path of exile, which will take in 1941, aboard the Dutchman "The Stantendam" to Mexico, where he established his residence. In the early years working as a translator and marketing his own books. In 1949 he entered the Communist Party. In 1960 and until 1967 following explains History of Economics in the Faculty of this specialty of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He was a collaborator of the Spanish exile magazine The Spains. In 1967 at the port of Cadiz, where he seized the books are brought, and he could recover later, by bribery. These books form part of the public library created in his hometown.

In 1969 he rejoined the Corps and the State Bar establishes his residence in Madrid. During their stay in Mexico is dedicated to research in the field of sociology. The result of this dedication was the publication of several works, among which pre-capitalist societies, the work of outstanding merit, which has had a wide impact in Latin American countries. The text declared UNAM for Anthropological School. His most outstanding works are: The local policy of Spain (1937), American slaves. The question of Texas and war with Mexico (1947) Brief history of agriculture in Europe and America (1958), Cervantes's wit and madness Don Quixote (1958), S ociedades precapitalist (1960), productive forces and relations of production in the Greco-Roman antiquity (1962), productive forces and production relations in the Middle Ages (1963), The development of Mexican society, I. Prehispanic Phase (1966) and II.

Conquest, colonial and independence (1969), The development of society I. Introduction to pre-capitalist societies (1970), The economic power of the Church during the Middle Ages (1977), and with Henry Winston writes Eurocommunism and state (1978). And the writer said Zamora: "The Church has never fought the principle of slavery." Francisco Arias Solis Cadiz Garzon. WITH DEMOCRATS Judge Baltasar Garzon Association for a democratic justice and a dignified judiciary. Internet Users for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum. URL:

Most Expensive Private Islands

$ 155 million worth most expensive house in the world. If you believe the information of Forbes, the most expensive private island does not even reach half that amount. Of course, the island is difficult to find suitable. The most famous South Pacific and the Caribbean. But the problem is that many of the island is declared national nature reserves and are not sold. Some areas of land have become private property.

But many countries, such as Philippines or Fiji, severely limit the right of private ownership of the islands. While choosing an island in mind, consider another important factor – is the climate and weather conditions. Tropical monsoons and hurricanes, during the rainy season and abundance of mosquitoes can ruin the enjoyment. Pros shopping islands are indisputable. Celebrities are not tired of the paparazzi.

A beautiful landscape, amazing scenery, hot sun, pristine beaches and turquoise ocean, wrapped in an unforgettable adventure vacation. Vatu Vara (Vatu Vara), Fiji won first place in the ranking Vatu Vara is a volcanic island with a private lagoon, surrounded by a coral reef. This makes it an ideal area for snorkeling and swimming. To get to the island only by boat, but the landscape makes it possible to build a runway. Ronda (Ronde Island), Grenada is the largest island of the Caribbean – 800 acres untouched nature, surrounded by a reef. Visibility under water about 30 meters. Its attractions include an underwater cave with walls made of quartz. Big Hans Lollik (Great Hans Lollik Island), U.S.

The Exchange

Recently, logistics companies and business directory services placing greater emphasis on the digital channels. With the French post,. Heise media and telegate won ePages recently three large companies in these segments as a partner. Also the leading provider of enterprise software, SAP and SAGE, offer integrated solutions for online trading based on ePages. However, further growth is only limited possible without reinforcements. Therefore, ePages seeks dedicated trainees, students and professionals for the steady development of the software. To be successful in the competition for the best brains, ePages offers best opportunities to promote the career therefore an attractive remuneration. The company supports the development of its employees through training budgets and offers many benefits.

As ePages pays monthly up to 140 euros NET each employee as a subsidy to the private Internet access, meal vouchers and costs of public transport. State of the art facilities, the attractive location in the city, and flexible working hours contribute to the good working atmosphere. The industry-typical international orientation is in the offices in London, Barcelona and Jena Hamburg everywhere: Work colleagues from fourteen Nations. The Exchange is promoted through regular events. With the inter cultural mix and the experience of fifteen years E-Commerce ePages is therefore well equipped for the global business is missing only the new colleagues. Interested in ePages can meet at the following job fairs: 17 / 18.05.2011 points work job fair at the University of Hamburg 24 / 25.05.2011 smile exhibition at FH Schmalkalden 15.06.2011 business contact trade fair FH Wedel 18.10.2011 Inova 2011 at the TU Ilmenau 10.11.2011 practice meets 2011 campus “Merseburg University of applied more information about the company and current vacancies exist among. * Source: BITKOM * source: study “cloud computing – the market in Germany 2010-2015; “Investing in cloud technologies, services, and consulting” the Experton group for the BITKOM about ePages-ePages is a provider of World’s leading E-Commerce cloud service platforms. International hosting providers, industry directories, as well as telecommunications and logistics companies such as Deutsche Telekom, British Telecom, orange business services, telegate, La Poste, Strato, host Europe, LCN, Amen and ARSYS offer preconfigured online shops and business websites for rent platform on the basis of the ePages.

They allow their customers to create quick and cost-effective professional online shops and business websites. Through the cooperation with over 60 technology partners, ePages offers integration in the most important online portals, search engines, marketing platforms, payment – and ERP systems. Worldwide, over 50,000 companies operate their online shops and business websites with ePages. The headquarters of ePages is Hamburg, more offices are in London, Barcelona and Jena. Contact for the press: ePages GmbH Pilatus pool 2 20355 Hamburg

The Economic Disaster

Valuation of Variable-rate commitments Well, here we see a problem. If today is July 20, 2008, the commitment variable rate of the first period, which in our example we have to pay on 20 January 2009, is known as the 6-month Euribor rate in date today. But how do we value the commitment to pay the Euribor 6 months to be on 20 January 2009, payable on July 20, 2009, if you know now what will Nor do we know what are the successive 6-month Euribor rates to be fixed over the life of the contract. How do we do then to find the economic value (NPV) of the commitments of the variable leg Again an arbitration analysis will allow us to find a solution and find the formula we need. Suppose that the commitment of the leg is variable payment thereof.Thus, in our example, if we are the counterpart B we make the necessary financial transactions to pay the Euribor 6 months of each period, but now know what type to be set. The only way to ensure that we pay the floating rate on the notional lifetime of the contract is to have our hands on a notional amount equal to and reversing every 6 months to 6 months Euribor rate. The interest we receive from our invested capital are enabling us to pay for the commitment of our floating-rate swap agreement. But again, we is another problem we have in our hands the capital. So we ask borrowing this capital as of today and will return the date of expiry. That is the ability to pay the various Euribor futures have an economic cost (VE VA NPV) equal to the cost of borrowing over the life of notional contract.No matter what the rates will be 6 months Euribor future we will be able to pay today if we asked the notional loan swap agreement and return it to the due date. Then the economic value of the commitment of the floating leg is given by the value today of the interest we pay when contracts of notional loan requested. We now need a little math to put these concepts in order. If we now ask for a loan capital N and we have to return at the time v, the capital return Nves: Nv N (1 iv) v and therefore I interest we pay on the due date are: I Nv – N That interest is the economic value to the due date that is committed to pay the Euribor futures. To find the economic value today alone we must apply the formula we used to find the current value of a single fixed rate commitment, ie it will apply the discount factor for interest I.A bit of algebra leads us to find the economic value of the floating commitment (NPV): Although complex seemed just get the economic value of the commitments of the floating leg of the swap. The arbitration again assures us that the value should be because as we have shown in previous sections, any other value would allow a profit without risk.

Rectangular Piece

However, we must banish from our minds and conspiracy Spanish-envious-that winning an election, not equal astonishment, nor succeed in combat, be it one that is: here, usually, although there are rules of the game they are taken out of context when it suits the combatants. In a democracy if there are rules, of the democratic game, you have to respect and enforce. Not met the rules of the game that democracy requires us, when the PP-its members-is a mistake and lied in the last term in the case of the tanker. It began its collapse on 13 November 2002 – and, soon, echoed the statements of Mr.

Rajoy (21/11/2002): “(…) not going to pour a liter more just. ” “It is in no way an oil slick, it is only localized spots”, made on 23 November 2003. Continue making mistakes and lying during the serious events-attacks-Atocha Station in Madrid (March 11) when the former president, Mr Aznar, with the political arrogance that distinguished him, “he hastens to say that” the authorship of previous events corresponded to the Basque terrorist group. ” (As to 11-M, we all know that police investigations to clarify the tragic and terrible events “occurred, were not entirely orthodox quite precisely: There is much to talk about the cod!) So many mistakes suggests who allegedly lied on any of them, and we all know that the lies make “toccata and fugue of death” for political parties who employ them).

Marketing Online

In all forms of business, and even hobbies, persons who have participated in a particular activity, you will begin using the jargon. When someone new comes along this jargon can be very strange. When your business depends on people as clients, then you need to be careful not to leave them outdoors with the jargon. Recently noticed me that marketing online uses slang for beginners in order to learn learn. As marketing has to do with the obtaining and maintenance of new clients, I could see that online sellers have an image problem. Online marketing jargon I pointed out clearly by a colleague who was interested in working online and requested an explanation. He stopped me mid sentence with the words speak English boy geek that was my wake-up call. Now the light is on, and I’ve decided to write this brief marketing jargon guide online, to help someone on the outside of the circle of Internet marketing.

1) Marketing Online, is the sale of any product or service on the Internet or World Wide Web. Marketing is just the Act of selling something, sale on the web costs less than having a real world, bricks and mortar in a business. It is so low-cost of entry which is attractive in the beginning of their own business online. (2), a joint venture. In a few words two or more people work together to increase their sales, or to complete a product or service. Sometimes shortened a risk-sharing, joint ventures tend to be very profitable. (3) List of subscribers, this is sometimes known as an electronic mailing list, or a list of electronic publication (ezine is the abbreviation for the electronic journal), and is a list of people who have given you permission so that the seller can send e-mail messages that may contain ads. This is also known as opt – in list, since Subscribers opt to receive emails.

Review Rails

As long as a nursing bed is converted, it is to shut down as much as possible. The connection to the mains power supply is recommended only for electric settings. A daily use can only happen if the electrician on the spot does a daily check of propulsion systems. To guarantee of the electrical safety of the nursing bed, finally three more test steps should be made: transportation of the bed the power cord on the floor may fall and be overrun, therefore a device must exist, which prevents the comprehensive description of all maintenance and care measures (here is not an indication of standards) check primary fuse on the transformer (this is non-existent or defective, is a retrofit) other defects and damage, which should arise and therefore also be part of the review of care beds, are recommended: kink protection and strain relief are missing or defective slatted frame is broken side rail beams lift cylinder housing of the remote control are broken using an inappropriate mattress damage the housing of the control unit / motor is defective or gas springs are defective end position cut-off emergency lowering is defective, clipping the side rails is broken is broken besides the clipping, as mentioned in the last item in this list, there are many more sources of error in the side rails. This can cause bad jamming and crushing. Therefore are dependent on the expected mechanical load, to comply strictly with the prescribed separation distance and mass.

All locking and fastening elements must be functional. The State of the page grid is therefore an important part of regular checks. The audit involves Following: distances between the moving parts must be within the normal range of finger check for additional damage, weak spots, signs of overuse review of suspensions and latches for damage or wear locking mechanism which has side rails work comply with the given Seitengittermasse; Review by: distance between side rails in upright position and elements in their environment of thickness of the mattress proper distance between Head / footboard and side rails proper distance between split side rails corresponds to intended use and manufacturer’s specifications and bed in flat position measurements of the length of the side rail or sum of all lengths of split side rails on one side of the beds must be correct height of the upper edge of the side rail above the mattress (no compression) smallest dimension of all available openings between the side rails and bed surface must not be exceeded are all these distances and dimensions are given accurate and may be exceeded no more than 10 per cent.

Sensible Investment

How can the grave concerns over a period of 25 years to be paid after the funeral sets a calm, back the hustle and bustle and the grief of the days before the funeral gradually the personal routine and the everyday returns soft. In the first weeks of the cemetery still to the grave site manages, if disposed of the wreaths and arrangements of the funeral. How should the grave care be regulated but after this time, so that the burial site in the course of time not shabby or neglected for other visitors of the frieze of Justice? Often, the owners took the grave care into their own hands to save costs. If but a part of the dead welfare beneficiaries lives outside this effort usually on the members remains liable, which also have the opportunity to visit the cemetery regularly. If the relatives have no financial means, to ensure the grave care over a long period, it is useful to consider such costs in the context of retirement planning. Many People or your immediate relatives complete a funeral, to cover the cost of a funeral and the thus also fees for grave, laying out or transfer.

Depending on how high such a funeral was completed, is the possibility to entrust a nursery care. This is the ability to transfer the obligation of maintenance and preservation of the Tomb per year – or standing order on cemetery gardener. The question is then largely resolved after the care by relatives. Especially, the load is low, if the grave care with a one-time payment order can be adjusted. If paid the fees for the grave concerns at shorter intervals, here the risk of deprivation is because costs may increase. If by the relatives, heirs or dead care entitled this is taken into account upon completion of a funeral, can be solved relatively easily after the regular care of the grave questions. The remaining capital of the funeral can be very long term applied and paid also the performer of the grave concerns about a standing order. Information about the funeral at: sterbegeldversicherung.html

Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz

Millionaire by the small multiplication table of the stock exchange and the three best equity strategies it costs little time to read this booklet; not to read it costs lots of money. The author presents not only the three best shares strategies? It also shows what you must keep in mind when buying fixed-income securities and how to can increase their return on investment, where to get pension funds and open-ended real estate funds without sales charge; How to optimally exploit the savers tax credit in a legal way and reducing the capital gains tax on a low percentage and how the investment the relationship between return and risk optimize can be, by following a recommendation of by Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz. A very recommendable, humorous and exciting written Guidebook, which no longer can be put from the first to the last page from the hand. The book is at,,,, and for several months the best-selling books in the categories of stocks, stock market, investment, and wealth. A free Review copy can be requested from under ‘Press’. J.Wahl