Bretton Woods

With the crisis was revealed that the short-term financial movements were less well regulated. We have already drawn attention to the obsolete distribution of power within the old Bretton Woods institutions. It is clear that any reform in the supranational economic issue runs parallel with reform of political institutions. Robert Kiyosaki is actively involved in the matter. Where do we go? We go to two billion poor. Nonpolar face of a world need to highlight the recreational opportunities of international economic institutions.

This is where the force the need for what we will call the "global social compact. The so-called welfare state has collapsed and we need to defend the human being. It is true that there have been events such as the "social summit" in Copenhagen (1994) territory probably mistaken for a battle between reformists and revolutionaries. The truth is that defining the economic future of the world is overlooking very difficult. Clearly the need to reform or global organizations to build new economic. The recent crisis highlighted the damaging capability of easy money and the need to accelerate the evolution of the international financial system.

That capital voracious appetite lived deep in the increasingly rapid return. However, the degeneration touches deeply the concepts of ethics and moral, has reconsidered the need for restrictive rules to a disorderly market. Despite the approach of the G-20 seems to have countries that refuse to abandon Bretton Woods. I must add, the latter concept, which economists call "Slovenian effect", ie the existence of small markets with no growth without structural reforms and unattractive for foreign investment.

Florida Wants To Economically Grow

Florida wants to grow economically waxes use easily! Florida needed a greater diversity in the industries in the State, a first-class education system, as well as the basis for a sustainable growth on the basis of a knowledge-based and innovative economy. Are formulated goals from Florida’s Roadmap Roadmap to Florida’s future for the economic development of the State in the years 2010 to 2015. Such goals are only once very generally worded. To reach them, Florida must fill them with life. This happens quite as about the current report 2011 shows. Who now supports the State as a German businessman with entrepreneurial activities at his target, economically forward to come, benefits of it himself, judge Max Karagoz company ALTON LLC (

More highly qualified for Florida in the last two years originated a whole series of initiatives, which benefit the State and the resident companies. To them heard about the new Florida was founded in January 2010 initiative. Increased investment in the higher education of the State to increase the number of highly qualified residents of Florida in the initiative, to provide companies with valuable know-how. Florida wants to increase the number of graduates per year until 2015 to 25,000 and 50,000 by 2030. This initiative not only helps enterprises innovative key industries based in Florida. She can help also many a German-speaking clients of the company ALTON LLC, which is located in Florida with a company. ALTON LLC supports such founders of companies for many years with all the formalities relating to the establishment and is also after the initial phase if necessary still advise and actively to the page.

One should never underestimate the importance of government programs for business success, also not in Florida “, Max Karagoz says, they are a way to secure the necessary basics of growth”. Funds from the State of Florida It supports companies of a magnitude between ten and maximum fifty workers in their growth, by as it provides them with market information and digital infrastructure. Called paths through the Forderdschungel in Germany sometimes Forderdschungel, when it comes to the variety of funding programmes for various target groups. Sometimes the term also when looking at Florida’s funding system is attached”, says Max Karagoz. But through this jungle to fight through and win overview, can be worthwhile. This also applies to the formerly in Germany living entrepreneur, where ALTON LLC has paved the way as a contractor in the United States. If we advise clients, who have founded their company in Florida with us, or other customers, we indicate they always opportunities through grants and programmes”, continues Karagoz. Florida needs the initiative of entrepreneurs and it helps them to develop this initiative. From Germany, entrepreneurs are not excluded.

German Manager

Other key attributes include a distinction between a system and its environment as well as the fact that open sub systems in principle even produce are so self-referential and made not from the outside such as social systems be. … a social system according to Luhmann is nothing more than data > information > communication. Open (nature) and closed (cultures) systems: emergence is the spontaneous formation of new properties or structures of a system as a result of the interplay of the elements or its parameters. Autopoiesis or autopoiesis to biology is the process of self creation and maintenance of a system.

Open systems with the term dissipative structure the phenomenon is self-organising, dynamic, orderly Refers to structures in nonlinear systems open system nature far from thermodynamic equilibrium. Dissipative structures are formed only in open non equilibrium systems, exchanging energy, matter, or both with their environment. To create of ordered structures, locally decreasing entropy; This reduction in entropy of the system must be balanced by a corresponding Exchange with the environment. There are real of team’s (workforce, etc.) Virtual team’s (Internet, etc.) Each in formal team acts in the areas of soft facts (80%): group spirit/idea/ideology hard facts (20%). It consists of the team leader and the team members. An economic team (companies, etc.) moves in the consensus of vision, mission, values worlds strategy, content, motivation nature and cultures, CI, CD roles, rites, methods, form, structure, areas, hierarchy/Heterarchie (participation) structures, locations, methods, processes, projects innovation, skills, USP customer expectations (clients = customers), problem solving, benefit donors, Consultant competitors regulations, rules of traditional German Manager (allrounder) we know that tend to control teams with ‘Stick and carrot’, ‘command and obedience’: control criticism correction an our guide walks ourselves-ahead mentality.

All very time and energy-intensive. Therefore, they employ so few operational Chief’s with creative innovations. Dear time copy or a new marketing ploy, it is faster ‘and afraz dating nix’.

Northeast Bavaria

GPK/furniture has disproportionately benefited from the upswing in the industry GPK/furniture has disproportionately benefited from the economic high since 2010. The strength of buoyancy impressed very, because at such high by nearly eight percent, also the older insiders in the industry can remember hardly. Total consumers spent 2010 over 5.9 billion to GPK and furniture, 72,20 euros per capita. A year ago, still no speech could be one such positive scenario. Also the recovery quality is good: the domestic production made a strong contribution to growth almost in lockstep with the import: the production could grow by 13.5 percent in 2009/10 and has thus surpassed the already strong import increase of 12.4 percent.

From the structure of the individual trends out, domestic demand proves to be as the clock of the recovery. So, the dealer feel that respect consumers back less on the price, as is always the case in times of ordinary economic. The theme for which is at the same time Consumers are becoming increasingly important. Thus range selection and innovation especially in the kitchen utensils for the consumption desire of consumers are ultimately responsible. The homing is the successor of the so-called cocooning remains high in the course. Less in the sense of retreat in the completely private, but rather in the sense of common cooking activities with friends or family while the stylishly covered table and accessories only provide the right ambience.

Currently many GPK products have a relationship to the past, as in the whole industry living the nostalgia in is. Many products and materials that seemed to remember, get a reprint from the manufacturers. These include untreated natural materials as well as home accessories with traces of use. Small shaped the structure of GPK and furniture at the industrial level – in the statistics is not so closely related and spread over several sectors of the economy and regional focus. Total 2009 1,194 manufacturer with a were Production volume of 3.9 billion euros involved. This value is not just considered purely quantitatively the actual economic importance of the sector. Because an economic feature with strong regional political importance is the local focus on structurally weak areas (Westerwald, Northeast Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony, East Germany – just to name few). The distribution of GPK products and articles of household is highly fragmented: alone elf distribution channels are involved in the sales of glass, porcelain, furniture and co., where the shops but still occupy the most important position. Dominant companies are not known, certainly have a strong position in the GPK distribution also in the furniture trade some chain stores. Here are finally also the traditionally well-positioned departments of department stores and department stores to name a few, as well the from manufacturer side from operated consumer outlets. In connection with the distribution the industry employs a theme however especially. How do I connect the Internet sales with the stationary trade, and how can be used for my business social networks. Already, the furniture and GPK businesses 17% use Internet as a distribution channel. One can safely assume that it the number in a short time is rising significantly. In the study of GPK/furniture 2011 by IBH not only the commodity groups are glass, porcelain and ceramics, as well as the goods groups of of market for household subjected to a detailed analysis, but also created a long-term forecast for the main distribution channels.

Building System

Ads pasted on poles not attract many people, and I think you yourself would not want to work that way, but Internet advertising works much more efficiently. 3. What should advertise my ad? Ads with company name or some products give retailers do not understand the nature of MLM, the goal in this business to help as many people can become rich, not to sell you a shampoo, powder or tablet. Pay attention to ads offering opportunities as one need pills, other powder, but want a better life all. 4. Where is the ad? Telephone, mailbox or Web site, think for yourself, whose business is more automated and takes away from his master less time.

Most likely, you too want to spend it as quickly as possible, and be able to teach only one who knows himself. More information on how to make better use of your time, read my article "Time – the main value" (Part 1, Part 2). 5. Look at the system work. After analyzing the first 4 points, you can understand how, in each case by looking for new partners.

More important to evaluate the system of work of the team to which you come. Is it you, if you have a chance and if you are ready to repeat the same actions that make your sponsors. Is there training the system, how to perform every step. Rather, this information will be at this conference or in person. Please note that if these activities are convenient because you eventually have to visit them often and invite people. Personally, I prefer the Internet business, how it works can read in my article "Building System MLM business over the Internet," perhaps you will use it for themselves. 6. What kind of product the company is promoting? Look, it is interesting whether you personally that product or service that you promote going, whether it is necessary to you personally. If not, you should look for another company, at least unethical to offer what you do not like – it will be lies and people will feel it. 7. Where does the money. You need to understand what you are paying and for that you get the reward. If it is unclear where the money come from and where they go – it is an occasion to think twice. Evaluate all the options found on this system will be simple, and choose what you will soon. Forward to your goals.

How To Make Money On Foreign Debt

The last few years the Russian market credit boom has swept. By some estimates up to 80% of the working population of Russia took advantage of the services of consumer crediting. Take the official statistics Banks – 5% loans are not returned, – take into account the opinion of experts who evaluate the amount of non-return of 15% and get 10% optimistic. Perhaps check out Wells Fargo Bank for more information. Optimistic for those who will see in this figure, a huge and important as long as the free market for companies building a business on the collection of debts. Today in our article is about debt collection business. The special attraction of the collection business in addition to high-capacity market (over 200 000 million) in the low barriers to entry.

On today to open a debt collection agency does not require any licenses and permits. Desk, chair, office equipment (preferably together with an office), phone (preferably several) of the vehicle (for going to the debtors) and you are ready to conquer the financial Olympus and became an implacable enemy of malicious defaulters. But rather pathetic – turn to the facts. Revenue collection agencies – it is a certain percentage of the amount repaid, with your help debt. Its size can vary from 10 to 50% depending on the term debt of the region, and in fact the debtor. Typically, the average rate of debt collection agency – 25-30% of the actual repayment. So first step you have to do after the registration of the company – to find a customer who agrees to entrust you to collect debts from their troubled clients.


Once you buy your first ATV, take care of it. Keep right, keeping the money invested. In order to get your four-wheeled friend has always been a fairly regular basis in order to pay attention to its repair and maintenance. This is true for everything else: apartments, electronics, cars, houses. Everyone needs a little attention and love of their owners. Below you will find tips on caring for ATV, from trading house car. Let they will help serve your ATV for many years.

After each visit and inspect the ATV wash. When necessary, wash it thoroughly. To clean dirt from various remote places and cracks, use an old toothbrush. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from . In the inspection include checking the brakes, check brake pads and fasteners, frames, levers and other parts. Pay special attention to tires and air filters. Replace them as needed, so you extend the engine. 3 To ensure that tires last longer, make sure your tires are inflated at all times.

Otherwise, high risk of injury. In addition, drive the slabbing Channa tire is very dangerous. Check the tires ATV before and after the ride. In this case you do not get stuck somewhere far from civilization with a flat tire. 4 Frequently inspect trees. Lubricate the chain after each trip. Better to do it, when it was still warm. Performing some simple tips for caring for ATV, you save longer workable your ATV. And thus will deliver themselves and your family a lot of pleasant sensations!

Residential Real Estate

Investments in real estate remains robust and profitable, despite the financial crisis. They are high-yielding, are characterized by minimal risk and, in many cases, produce a good income without any additional investments. Very attractive in this regard looks real estate Sochi, since it is located in the famous resort of the country and is an excellent liquid asset. Note that the real estate in Sochi always brought good profits to its owners, but before the 2014 Olympics and its investment attractiveness skyrocketed. Today at the Sochi coast 'hot', but this did not blame the sun, and the activity of investors, seeking to get at their disposal the best possible facilities.

Due to the excitement many refuse m ysli to invest in resort villas and apartments and is not associated with the 'bison' market. This solution is completely groundless, as the property of Sochi is an excellent opportunity to earn. Only necessary to determine which objects should you buy? Let's talk more about that. Let's start with the fact that high-yield have both new buildings and housing on the secondary market. Requires large investments elite real estate Sochi. Economy-class apartment, and cottages and land outside the city limits will cost you a lot cheaper. Choosing apartment, take into account the following important factors: the remoteness of the object from the sea, the number of floors in the building and the area of the premises under construction.

Accommodation with a sea view costs about 20% more expensive, so developers often go to the trick: elevate the so-called home of gallery in which all, without exception, the apartment can enjoy the beaches of Sochi. This effect is achieved due to the original plan when the accommodation located on the side of the sea, and the second part of the house is given under the arrangement of technical rooms and corridors. If you decide that the best real estate in Sochi – a beach house, we agree with you, because these objects very attractive to tourists and generate revenue during the holiday season. But there is one important point: choose a home on the outskirts of the city, as in the Polyana, or the historic center acquire land for construction impractical due to the scarcity of available land and its cost. Real Estate in Sochi Lazarevskom direction are most liquidity. Prices for houses in these areas vary wide range, so surely something for yourself. Small cottage with a small plot of land also will cost you about $ 2, 5 million rubles. For the money, you can easily find the decent housing close to from the sea. Standard land area is from 4 to 7 hectare. If you desire to admire the coast and the beautiful scenery outweighs the desire to save money, cook at least 5 million. It is in this the amount of the purchase cost houses with sea views. Comfortable cottages are equipped with everything necessary for living, are even more expensive. Such objects are located in close proximity to shoreline, will require investments worth at least 20 million rubles. As for the level of profitability, there are all individually. We note only that the resort property are always in demand throughout the season, so finding Tenants will not make any problems.