Dominican Government

The Dominican Government, social mass media, journalists, representatives; not all; but the majority, has been bought by BARRICK GOLD, to shut up the irreparable damage that is bringing about this company to the environment of the Dominican Republic like a other countries. Next cuts of press on protests in some countries in which the natural resources have been acesinados by the Barrick Gold Here ours ” Minister of Environment ” The profile of Jaime David Ferndez Mirabal in its demurrage like Vice President of the republic was a profile d eun serious man, with certain sincerity when expressing itself before the population; and supported east profile with the expressions of the people who know him personal form; But this profile is fallen under lso the levels to more practices things different from which it professes. Jamime David, has yielded talvez influenced by the PE$0.00 of some sector, or by the weight of the political Pressure, or simply by ignorance or lack it brings back to consciousness like Dominican, but it does not matter under what circumstances or reasons to yielded, which if it is clear that of a Minister of Environment that authorizes leave to a cementera in the Haitises and the Barrick Gold not it can wait for protection to the nature. The obstacles put it to small projects of apartments in tourist zones, but these predators have their defenders in the high spheres IN ORDER TO FINALIZE AT THE MOMENT THEY OBSERVE THIS OTHER VIDEO To save to cotu is To save to the Country, please we unite voices, to make run the news, look for, they investigate more on the subject, and will know more burdens on it of this curse. and to you politicians of all the parties, if, politician, who you hide in the silence of the complicity, a phrase of Joaqu Balaguer: ” That on your feet thistles are born until it bleeds your vida.” and to you excrement journalists who commercialize with the truth – damn thousand times to hide the truth and to support what harms its people, damn to defend with silence what letter with the future of its own family. and to citizen you of the world: it guards by the life, it loves his planet like a same you, because the planet we are and not those that attempt against him, we take care of our future generation, we take care of he provides what us with well-being and we condemn the damn ones that they make of the other people’s misfortune the own well-being.