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Kununu employer evaluation portal and cooperate online job Vienna, April 21, 2010 the largest online job exchange in Austrian hands,, and the most influential employer assessment service in the German-speaking, work together. All users of one of the two portals benefit from the cooperation: merge the Internet job market and the reviews demanded of workers by employers. While the user on with vacancies existing employer reviews, kununu users to search must no longer leave your online portal for job offers. I am proud that two Austrian online services take a pioneering role in the job market. Employer assessment and online job boards include Yes logically from a users perspective. Our cooperation will bring for much more comfort for the”job-seeking user, says Martin Poreda, founder and CEO of Oliver Sonnleithner, Managing Director of, added: and each other provide their users with additional, very interesting information.

I am convinced that the successful design of the individual career path is even more efficient and more successful possible.” Boom markets online recruitment and employer evaluation of the online job market is growing strongly for years. With the financial and economic crisis, this trend has further strengthened: more and more job seekers want no longer on advantages such as high topicality, search and be subsequent direction functions or the sheer number of offerings. has also a domestic player front established itself in the online recruiting market. With the boom of social networks and the resulting interaction between users, portals have established themselves, allowing applicants to inform each other about working conditions at companies. is considered the largest and most professional offer in German-speaking countries this article the focus of user attention above all fringe benefits such as social security benefits are available or the quality of the chiefs. These so far start now with the co-operation of and, separated the human resources market occurring offers to grow together. Kununu kununu offers the opportunity to evaluate their employers anonymously and to stimulate improvements in workers in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.

Applicants can kununu employers according to their individual preference criteria search and learn about them. The website registers up to a million visitors a month. Employers use the platform to enhance the attractiveness of employers and to compete with attractive applicant target group in the dialog. kununu 2007 as one of the first employer evaluation platforms in German-speaking countries was founded in the summer through. about with 450,000 monthly visitors, 5,000 jobs from Austria’s top companies and a pool of applicants with thousands of highly qualified candidates is the leading Austrian career portal In addition to a semantic job search with advanced Matching capabilities offers applicants the opportunity to the entry of the personal career profile in the candidate database, as well as a wide range of information on the topics of career and vocational training. In turn offers a steadily growing recruiting network for the optimal approach of the right candidates, such as MSN, Wirtschaftsblatt, format and much more. Currently reach over 3 million potential candidates about the recruiting network. more info at: info / Press page / press contact i5comm for kununu.

Maria Helena Duarte

She is necessary, that the addressee knows the significaes literal of wood to select one of them and to arrive the understanding of that only this is marked and leads to the meaning. Ambiguity Any common trace of meaning between diverse directions of one same word characterizes a polissemia. As You mark (1996, P. 64), in the lexical plan, the searched processes more mention the phenomena of synonymy and ambiguity to it (homonmia and polissemia). In the synonymy, fast, quick and fast the same relates to the direction, meaning ‘ ‘ that it dislocates from place for another one with much pressa’ ‘ .

While in the ambiguity, candle ties the diverse directions, meaning hemp or canvas part pra to impel the action of the wind boats, device that produces ignition in the explosion engines and cylindrical part, of substantiates greasy and combustible, with pavio in the center all the length, and that it serves to alumiar. The religiosidade the poetries of Saints show, either for the plan of its physical structure, either for what they tematizam, the repentance in being the holy ghost, to receive ‘ ‘ graas’ ‘ to cover (the foot) some states to pay a promise to the saint that was valid. Such condition of faith and courage, shows many times, as in as event when the saint continues to exert its power, under the form of ‘ ‘ instruo’ ‘ , transmitting the danger that was for happening. When the reader, mainly, and perhaps, the not religious one (atheistic), open the poetry of Saints, it if he frightens with what there and he finds. The words give sensible to look for to convince the reader to the divine substance, showing that not the veneration to the saint, will have a similar tragic end to the personages who had suffered for its harms faith. The romeiro word is the ideological center of all the poetical narration. This comes of the word pilgrimage, being a way to say: I go the Juazeiro of the Ccero priest to live the unit of the faith.

These are called romeiros, therefore the romeiro word originated from the habit of people to go Rome, the center of the faith catholic. Conclusion We try to evindenciar, in elapsing of this work, the semantic phenomena of the adopted model, showing that the direction depends on its context. Thus, we show that the words contained in the analyzed twine have in the religiosidade one strong asymmetry between name and felt. With this, we perceive that one exactly term can have polissmicos and homoncos directions. The carried through analysis made possible for also knows the implicit one of Ducrot, that this is something intermediate between speech and not to speak, that it constitutes a form of contained significao in implicit way in the statement in opposition what is rank. I wait that the reader and the reader can have understood a little on the directions of the words. Ducrot and Ullmann had been valuable for our research, contributing to widen our knowledge on the semantic mechanisms. It fits, now, to the reader to make new research on the subject, therefore the study field is not depleted. Many still are the subjects that can be boarded in a study semantic. Bibliography SAINTS, Manoel Camilo. A great example of San Francisco de Canind.

Information And Knowledge

To work successfully with the information flow will define some basic concepts. But first answer the question: Why do we need information? To obtain knowledge – the first response suggest themselves. Why knowledge? For achieve our goals. Objectives can be very different: it is professional growth, the acquisition of specific skills, confidence, expand horizons, etc. Consider the following sequence: Data – information – knowledge – skills – skills. Data Information Knowledge Skills Skills remember this conversation. Data – this is not information, it is just information located on certain media (in this case is admissible in print form). Data becomes information when acquire a meaning, ie when we analyzed the data, to draw certain conclusions for themselves.

For example, weather information (this data), but for everyone, they become information, when based on these conclusions (for example, take an umbrella). Ie from data extracted useful information. The data themselves do not carry information. For example, the data of the balance sheet. But with his analysis, we obtain important information about state enterprises. Often confronted with reports that contain a lot of figures, tables. This information can not be called until it acquires meaning in context. What is knowledge? This proven practice information that can be reused by people.

On the basis of the knowledge, skills are formed, ie ability to perform certain actions. Gained knowledge about driving, forming skills – ie ability to manage them in real situations. Skills brought to the automatism, are skills. Driving skill is acquired after repeated application of our skills, derived from the knowledge that in turn were derived from data (books, manuals instructor). That's about as we move from data to skills. Here is an example of life: lessons in boxing section came already solid man. He said. 'I read a lot References in boxing, theoretically savvy and ready to go. " But he has not mastered the ability to fight (there was no practice of warfare), and moreover he had no skills (automaticity in the care, protection, shock combinations). Ie man gained knowledge from the information collected in the books (the data), but did not develop these skills to the level of skills. The first of its motion, fully confirmed this. So, in the books on your shelf contains only data. Taking the book in hand, you trying to extract useful information and build knowledge on a particular issue. Having the knowledge, you may as well stay at the level of existing knowledge, is not referred to the next stage. Over time, this knowledge will be forgotten and the time spent on reading, will be useless. But here you decide to use their knowledge, and bring them to the level of skills. Ie the entire cycle: Data- – Skills passed. But with the use or not passed this stage, you decide

Search Engine Yandex

Most Russian Internet users web searching for information using a search engine Yandex. From there on the site comes a lot of targeted visitors. Depending on where in the Yandex website is the number of Visitors may vary. On the Internet there are various ways determine the popularity of a search engine. For example, Yandex provides free service statistics popular searches Search Yandex Robot works as follows. Periodically holds up, visiting sites and referrals. The contents of the site record in the database. Upon request, users search engines display all the pages from its base, where have the requested words.

They are sorted by relevancy index. Promotion in Yandex primarily sets the task to raise the indices relevant page. Site optimization for search engine Yandex can contribute to a sharp increase in the target web site traffic. The effectiveness of your site becomes visible at the expiration of the month following the relevant papers. Conventional work to promote the site in the ps Yandex: Text Ads; Exchange of page impressions, Contextual advertising, optimization of the text content of the site; Registration in thematic catalogs and Human Services. bookmarks; exchange and placement of articles, news broadcasts, Posting in forums guest books and bulletin boards, conduct of discussions in blogs Placement News and press releases, organizing PR-companies by vBulletin. Promotion of a site on the Internet – a common tool for doing business. Professional development and promotion of a site can serve as a highly effective tool and information resource or fashion phone, telling about the company.


Indeed, the U.S. clinic requesting an incredible value for their services, including, apparently, not so serious intervention (such as joint replacement, which in Europe is 3-5 times cheaper, not yielding as). It is impossible not to consider another factor – the distance! Say, after heart surgery or spine hard enough to move the flight, taking into account the fact that this is so much stress to the body, and after the surgery and still dangerous. Israel. Medicine Israel is well proven, but still inferior to medicine Europe as a whole. As for the cost, it is quite low in comparison with, for example, with the prices the same in Switzerland.

But here too there are some pitfalls. The fact that the initial calculations will be low cost, which may not include a lot of little things, such as: number of days and procedures required after surgery, the cost of possible additional or previously unrecorded medical services and much more of what constitutes unexpected numbers. Made in Germany. This phrase, each of us is the concept of sustainable quality, reliability and stability. German medicine – is no exception. Medicine in Germany, combines the advantages of treatment for boundary: the highly skilled and their vast experience and active development of new and existing methods of treatment, individual work with each patient, a thorough diagnosis of the whole organism to initiation of treatment to produce the treatment program c light prisuschix body especially, individual Can be a long time to enumerate all the advantages of treatment in Germany, but can distinguish the main thing – the quality and availability. Treatment in Germany is not only safer and more comfortable, but also cheaper than in Russia. For example, coronary angiography and angioplasty in Germany is cheaper than in many clinics in Moscow.

Pricing policy for treatment in Germany is strictly controlled by the state. In addition to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in Germany attached great importance to rehabilitation. That is to say that having gone to Germany for treatment, you will never regret it. Yes, and patients from Russia here are very warm. Switzerland. Medical centers in Switzerland, especially for foreign patients, equipped with the latest technology. Magnificent resorts are also unlikely to spoil the impression of the solutions go for treatment in this country. The only thing that could disappoint – it’s cost. Switzerland maintains its rules ‘accuracy, reliability, prestige, expensive,’ including in medicine. May be especially upset by the fact that planned surgery specialist will arrive from Germany, of course already on ‘triple’ tariff. Allow me here to take advantage of the famous phrase: ‘If there is no difference, why pay more? ” So, here I tried to give representation of foreign medicine. Maybe someone will disagree with some facts and some are gleaned useful information. Much of what I wrote is based on personal experience. There is a separate issue ‘as to go abroad for treatment ‘. In my opinion – it is a separate and no small issue for those who decide to go abroad for treatment, but this was already the second time.


The countdown has begun! The new year is devoted to the World Championships in Brandenburg In January organized by Hilmar Wehner, another training camp took place in Winter Haven in Florida. Optimal training conditions achieved outstanding progress over 20 runners including the German team and five new junior -. “In three groups was divided every day in the world barefoot Center (WBC) under the direction of Keith St. Onge (overall world champion, record holder in tricks and slalom), David Small (Vice World Champion and record holder in jumping) and Gary Swampy ‘ Bouchard (Keith BBs long-time coach) diligently trained. Hyundai: the source for more info. Each of the many new techniques was internalized can progress at home still comparable. The particularly to highlight successes of our five new junior can occur on a successful team at the World Cup 2010 hope in their own country.

The world barefoot Center is also one of the many sponsors of the German team and the World Cup 2010. The first prototype of the new Team suit was already included in reception and could be tested on heart and kidney. In this sense, we wish everyone a successful season in 2010 and hope to numerous support at the World Cup 2010 in Brandenburg an der Havel.