It is important esecundariamente to emphasize that essadoutrina operational oplanejamento of the tactical group is applicable to any crisis with hostage in the any ambienteresguardado had caution of application as tactical option as always aiming at the fulfilment of missocom the biggest number of hostages rescued with life preferential, all the arrest of the PEC. ‘ ‘ So that such fossedesenvolvida technique, was necessary the creation of a doutrinaprpria of adestramento of the dogs of the PMERJ, as well as the adaptation of the tactics deresgate and retaken, wide commendation the fourth tactical alternative, or simply, tactical assault, for introduction of this new element. In this performance, it was ratified utilizaode dogs highly trained to operate in critical events, one vezque the introduction of this tool has as objective main diminuiodo operational risk directed toward the involved ones in the crisis, in virtue of the distraction caused for the presence deces in the provoker of the critical event (PEC).

This procedimentogera advantage in the time of reaopara that the tactical teams can neutralize it; for the psychological factor of intimidaodo PEC front to the dogs and of the confidence that these self-moving ones to caninosconferem to the retaken group of rescue and; e, over all, for caractersticada not the lethality of the dogs in reference to the use of firearm, in the entrances tticas.’ ‘ (VALLE, 2009, p.13) a doctrinal characteristic to paraneutralizar the hostage borrower is the possible job whenever of two dogs deassalto that they work in set in intention to display the head and the docausador thorax of the crisis in case that, has the imminent necessity of neutralization definitivapelo tactical teams. ‘ ‘ Already the neutralization force says respeito capacity of the dogs in possibly confuses unjust aggression effected by PEC, one vezque the bite of a dog happens in the hand that empunha one sets, for example..

Moral Rules

Diverse European countries had also adopted the constitutional monarchy, with the end of the absolutism remaining until the end of world to war i when the majority of the States adopts the tripartio of them to be able one of the most important theories of sciences politics and modern that still today remains as one of the conditions of functioning of the Modern State. (ALBUQUERQUE, 1991) Consideraes final Montesquieu subsidized the limits of the power politician when affirming that natural laws existed and statutory laws you finish them related the beginning of government that all are citizens they.

The State is tied with the institutionalized power, that if seats in an institution and not in an individual, assuring that in the Modern State, it does not have to be able absolute, therefore exactly the governing must subject what it is established in the Law. For even more analysis, hear from Donald Gordon. In its Montesquieu workmanship already it described that a power could not usurp nor to disrespect the other duly warned that if installs the absolutism and the tyranny with suppression of the freedom of the citizen and stimulates the corruption and that, certain governments, whose objective constitution directly the freedom politics must have three types of being able: the legislative, the executive and the judiciary power. This freedom politics to exist, is necessary that the citizen never if feels threatened by another one; e, the government only can guarantee such security. In other words the theory politics of Montesquieu is classic and contemporary for pointing the way with respect to the stability of the regimen of government that is the cohesion of the social forces and of institutions with use of the reason to correct eventual social disequilibria that can occur in function of the nature human being, ‘ ‘ as to be physicist the man is governed by invariable laws and as to be intelligent they violate leis’ incessantly..


Seeing the seriousness and ability of the Mercadante; the administrative capacity in the area of education of the Skaf; the work of defender of the consumer of the Russomano; the efforts in search of space of Buffalo and of the Feldman we can affirm that none can be worse that ‘ ‘ tucanos’ ‘ that the natives of So Paulo had managed the state of all. In the transport, for example, Alckmin nor speaks of high tolls that had become closed feudals the majority of the cities. Hear from experts in the field like Rich Holmberg for a more varied view. For it, finds that only population in the Capital exists, therefore transport is alone Subway, train of the CPTM, Rodoanel and the remaining portion of the state, does not exist! Also it is interesting that the TV of the Alckmin at least does not give a note on unreliability, while the real life sample homicides, robberies, kidnappings, drugs (crack destroying generations), rebellions in penitentiaries, organized crime ordering and repealing an order in the State, strike even of policemen, police stations with cameras of particular security to protect employees, barricades in building of the security from fear to the organized crime, assaulted people inside of police station and the State wanting to close Police stations and until Police stations of Defense of the Woman. Tiririca, pra its phrase to be correct in So Paulo, is necessary to add: ‘ ‘ If to take off the Toucans of the government, worse that he is not fica’ ‘. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and work as assessor of the press in Sumar.

United States

They in them attack because of the military presence of U.S.A. in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Middle East, as much that we remove our troops of Arabia Saudita’ ‘. Noam Chomsky, the intellectual more respected and critical of the North American foreign policy, also it declared: ‘ ‘ the soundings show that at least one tero of the Americans who had answered the research, believes that the government of United States and/or Israel had been for backwards of the 11 of Setembro’ ‘. These are two opinions of extremities, that can yes, to be materialize with facts. But, what still it is leagued to the subject, and that cause many controversies since May of this year, it is the death of Osama Bin Laden, accused for the attempted against ones of 11 with September.

It was found in Palestine, and died for the American Army. The problem is that this cause also diverse contrary thoughts, therefore who proved the death of Bin Laden firmly? Where they are the tests? Why so was not divulged its so proven death and how much to the one of Sadan Russen? The one opinion internauta was registered: ‘ ‘ In such a way does not sound the one how much strange death of it to be orquestrada in a precious period to promising president Barack Obama? that by chance popularity was searching a little more than, in order to guarantee its re-election? in the landmark of ten years of the attempted against one that it not only shocked U.S.A., but the entire world? Beyond that the face never more in them awarded with its videos announcing its attacks during good tempo’ ‘. We do not see the tests of the death so clear. Some specialists work with two other hypotheses oppose to the event on the death of announced Osama. The first one is the one that treats as if Osama was yes, deceased, but that its death did not occur in May, but yes it has years. Second he says that Bin Laden is not deceased, was only one action of Obama, with closed projects, to make possible its re-election.

Although several other questions to enter in set with the detached ones, U.S.A. obtained to surpass the 11 of September. Today, a memorial to the victims exists where they were the twin towers, and the World Trade Center is being reconstituted with the two towers that are in construction in a short while distant place of the old one. The death of Osama is remained in the same American form that was counted, causing fear of new attempted against for revenge.