The manager of the bank responded to him that if ten the thousands abran their account, the loan was his. Frequently John Denkinger has said that publicly. What thinks that it happened? , Ten thousands indeed new account habientes in a day and a loan to construct a church. Simple? I rather would say CREATIVE. me it passed something similar. The other day looking for some option to generate extra money in this time, I decided to try with one of those supplies to generate money by Internet offering products of another person. As our page generates or some traffic, I decided to take advantage of it incredibly and, or has begun to generate income in dollars and at the moment I am studying some options to offer it and thus to generate the income extra and who it clears, perhaps and I surpass my income by this route and not of the traditional form.

The creativity has much to do with the relaxed states of the brain and the body. Therefore, his natural enemy is STRESS. There is a very interesting study that shows as 97% of the good ideas take place OUTSIDE the WORK. When taking a walk, when bathing, when sleeping and in many other activities that they have like common ingredient, relaxed being, physically and mentally. ANOTHER ONE VERY GOOD REASON TO PRACTICE MEDITATION. By all means, the creativity also has to do with the intention. Newton remembers of Isaac and its famous anecdote of the apple? It thinks that he was the first human being to whom fell an apple to him of a tree? By all means that no, but it had the intention to solve a problem and its mind was working for him, letter to any answer. And that to say of Archimedes and its famous expression EUREKA! Managed to solve a very serious problem of a very creative form. From a neuronal point of view, the creativity has to do with the use of the right hemisphere.

SGA Risks

On the other hand, a reactive position of the company must be considered when it looks for to prevent the risks and it is limited to take care of the legal requirements to it, what normally it means investments and the pro-active position where the ambient question is inserted in the strategical vision of company, that is, the company leaves to act only in function of the risks and starts to also perceive the chances. The implantation of the system provides envolvement of the company as a whole and the ambient responsibility is spread to each sector. Tiger Woods shines more light on the discussion. All start to enxergar the questions under the same optics, creative situations start to appear, explore the chances of exploitation of rejeitos, substitution of insumos, technological elimination of losses in the processes, recycling, reduction to the consumption of energies (combustible), changes, etc. How much cost not to have a SGA? Not to use themselves of this system of management today would be as if to keep mentally ill to the risks of decay and until possible bankruptcy in the sector. Some of the risks aggravations to the environment can be irreversible and when ambient accidents occur automatically the image of the company for the media and the actions at law, the fines and upheavals with ambient liabilities, they cause a series of challenges and cost the company who could have been prevented. Currently the enterprise sector has adopted to the SGA of complete form, not only for the image of the company, but for its legal structure. To implant a system of this transport started to be of utmost importance due to the fact of that the support offers considerable benefits, becoming the offered costs as positive investments the medium and long run. The improvement of the image of the company and its performance, the international satisfaction of the customer, easiness in the attainment in the financings and negotiations, the reduction of risks and costs and the conquest of new markets, are some of the differentials gotten for the SGA, not to implement this continuous system and adaptativo it would be to not only take one high risk before the sustainable development of the company as well as of the environment.

Wooden Industry

Two factors had been excellent in the definition of the subject of this inquiry: the direct contact with a wooden industry of improvement, located in the urban perimeter and the ambient responsibility that must permear the business-oriented action of the entrepreneur. Wait to contribute with the companies of the lumber branch, with orientaes directed toward the control of wastefulnesses and with the improvement of the quality of the work environment toward the employees in its functions. The question that if evidences as investigativo north is: How the lumber industry has accomplished its process of management front to the echo parameters efficiency, the statute of the city and the security of the worker? The environment comes suffering to exhausting intervention provoked for the industries from general way, whose dejections poluem the land in such a way, with waters and air. To become these competitive industries in the market, taking care of to the demands inside of a support standard constitutes a great challenge, that justified the accomplishment of this study. We present here two hypotheses that had guided the steps of this inquiry: Although the severities established for the ambient legislation and of the work, the companies not yet attempt against satisfactorily to the echo-efficiency requirements. The lumber industry, had to the severities of the ambient licensing for functioning, takes care of to the criteria established for the ambient legislation. To give account of the objectives considered here, we launch hand of the methodology of bibliographical research, research of field through comment in I lease and structuralized and half-structuralized interviews.

One is about a work of descriptive exploratrio level. 2 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL the process of implantation of the model of sustainable development have slowly transformed the profile of the companies. Twenty years after the spreading of the Brundtand Report, in 1987, when the lines had been conceived masters of the new model, part of the enterprise sector consolidated its position, to the side of the governmental institutions and the organized civil society, as one of them pillars of this world to tripolar, whose capacity of joint comes determining the speed of the change, in a dramatical race against the time to revert the curve of the ambient degradation and the pointers of poverty in Brazil and the world.