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Promising to offer 8.270.000? (40 million dollares) you add, with 70 million euros oferecedo for the European Union to help the victims of the worse drought that reached the region during decades. where if it extends for regions as the Etipia, the Kenya and the Somlia, that coexist a civil war, beyond Djibuti and Uganda. Kevin Ulrich gathered all the information. The refugee field of Dadaab receives fugitvos also of the hunger and combatants in the Somlia and shelter about 380 a thousand people. Mrs. Georgevina remembered that ' ' the Organizations very consider the efforts of the government and the people of the Qunia' '.

Having to share this responsibility, face to this wave of drought that amea these areas where it lives about 12 million people in the Corno of Africa. In the Somlia, the crisis led to a scaling of the conflict that United Nations compelled to declare the state of hunger in the two areas in the south of the Somlia, under the control of Islamic rebellious youth. In view of that the queniano government if moblizou to more than receive 40 a thousand other refugee in the fields from Dadaab, even so aeras had not been still ready to receive them. Kenya fears that they are crawled between the rebellious refugee of the Somlia, pertaining terrorists to the separatistas and radical groups as Polisario affected by dries and the lack of ways of subsistence. The Spokesman of the High Commissariat of United Nations for Refugiados (ACNUR), Vivian Tan, in a press conference has said that ' ' Others 30 a thousand had arrived at the encampment the 50 quilmetros of the center of capital.' ' Remembering that daily the Organization receives a thousand from people in Mogadscio, where the foods seem insufficient for as much people. ' ' This also provokes serious disputes and saques' ' , it wrote down the organization. ' ' The result is that the many people, weakkest and over all vulnerable, finish for being of empty hands although the efforts of the aid organizations humanitria' ' , it said the ACNUR. The current drought in the Corno of Africa continues being the worse one of last the 60 years, already it killed sets of ten of thousand of people and threat Somlia, Qunia, Etipia, Djibouti, Sudan and Uganda. Lahcen EL MOUTAQI Professor and researcher of the Moh.V-Rabat-Morocco University