American States

So also, many artists – musicians above all-today day lacking spaces to exhibit his art rightly indicate our folklore is in decline. However, us who are dedicated to the promotion of popular culture in education, today attended an interesting time where our children and youth are oriented knowledge, assessment, and the practice of our popular culture, throughout the school year, not just in the day of folklore or of the Guarani language. Particularly, in the last month of August I participated in numerous acts alluding them – children and young people – where demonstrated his vocation folkore, art festivals and craft shows. Today, they are the emerging Committee. They belong to a new generation as from schools, colleges and institutes of teacher training and universities study, promote and disseminate our idiosyncrasy. Therefore I can say that it is running a national movement that involves particularly to teachers and students in the task of safeguarding and disseminating popular culture.

But this national movement is not the result of chance, but an organized labor that some institutions, the majority of privately managed, are directing approximately fifteen years in a sustained manner. In the case that particularly affects me, I must refer to the tireless management of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI which today can be seen part of the positive results of its work, since sixteen years of its creation, with almost ten thousand graduates teachers of language Guarani and nearly thirty thousand students currently promotes the study, research, collection, assessment and dissemination of the Paraguayan folk culture, by all possible means: courses, seminars, workshops, competitions, festivals, etc., at the national level and preferably in the areas of cultural risk (our borders for example). The interesting thing about the experience is that these graduates and students correspond to a strategic sector of our society, because they are teachers, directors and supervisors of schools, colleges, universities and teacher training institutes or communicators, priests, departmental, and municipal councillors directors of social institutions (clubs, cooperatives, peasant and labor movements); in synthesis, are community leaders enough about concientizados the real value of the manifestations of our popular culture. Source: Kevin Ulrich. Are they responsible for this revival that folklore, gradually and progressively, returns to take in children and young people. So you should also, highlight numerous cultural ventures, as the constant realization of artistic festivals. On the other hand, different craft expressions are most promoted from its own creators who currently are even members in several entities and participating in all exposures that are continuously performed. There are also several entities that promote the popular culture in the interior.

To the above, I add the promotion that many mass media – radio stations, broadcast, daily, internet – make in favor of folklore. In fact, in the world currently exists, despite globalization, a tendency to recover cultural identity, popular culture or idiosyncrasy; In addition to disseminating it, strengthen it and protect it. This recommended international agencies as the United Nations or the Organization of American States. Also our national Constitution, the Treaty of Asuncion, the General education law, among others, guarantee our children the possibility to be Paraguayans. Today the plans and curricula of educational reform are impregnated with our culture.