Since the mid-nineteenth century, this organization has had the leading role as watchdog of different entities such as corporations, insurance companies, mutual funds and their managers, stock exchanges and intermediaries, and in recent years risk rating, investment funds and investment funds of foreign capital that have entered the market. Already since 1865 in the Commercial Code, in various laws and executive orders, has been referred to the role of the current Superintendent. So on May 22, 1931 DFL No. 251, merges the call Superintendent of Insurance Company with the General Inspection of Corporations and Stock Operations, to create the Superintendency of Corporations, Insurance and Stock Exchange.Continued legality of this is the current Superintendent of Securities and Insurance, established on 23 December 1980 by Decree Law no 3538, this being its regulatory framework with Through the dissemination of public information maintained, this institution is designed to ensure transparency, development and proper functioning of the markets it oversees, in collaboration with the knowledge and education of investors and policyholders mainly. The Superintendency is structured in three areas that are, the value area responsible for the supervision of cr market-related securities such as stock companies, stock exchanges, securities intermediaries, auditors, fund managers investment among others. The area of insurance, rightful oversight of entities involved in the insurance market, as insurance companies, the brokers and adjusters and insurance agents.And the central area, which aims to provide administrative support for the institution to adequately fulfill their duties.