Beauty Of The Castles

To hear the comments made by an economist attached to the Chamber of Commerce, the devastating effects of informality, we learned that is estimated at more than U $ S 800. 000. 000,00 (eight hundred million U.S. dollars) annually, the amount that the State loses to collect only the evasion of contributions to Social Security and the Internal Revenue Service.

a The first impression one gets when one becomes aware of this situation is that it is essential to truly end this scourge, fight it in their mouths sales, eliminate the casual seller who significaa nothing more and nothing less than the tip of the iceberg of large organized gangs of smuggling. a It is clear that no country acting fairly organized within the framework of formality and good manners of control internal can afford that much of its GDP is produced in the shadows of illegality and for this reason lose revenue that threatens to overcome it collects through the formal business of trade established by law. a Now, we wonder why we have such brutal figures informal activity? learn the phrase from small crime does not pay as UNAA expression that does not compensate act outside the law because sooner or later we will have to account for our deviations, but. . . Who is accountable in our country?, a The Court of Audit Office has performed thousands of comments to the government, has anyone even been reprimanded for this? .