Castle Avenue

After all, he has captivated whole audience masses with the variety of his songs as “King of Majorca”. The new album was released on the 05.02.2010 “Castle Avenue” in the trade. And so that all know: play monopoly is out, now the “Castle Avenue” becomes the musical high fliers. Here we go with the Fetenkracher “I build you a castle” in the cloud mix. “I build you a castle” – a true cult song for young and old.

More hit candidates are among other things “about us the sky is”, and “Save me, who can (SOS)”. So much had ever betrayed: Kurt coconut Jr. together with Gottfried Kalenberg and Reiner Homig (ex-composer wrote by Wolfgang Petry), for “I build you a castle” was responsible, music and lyrics to the song “Only the sky is about us”. This song has all opportunities that become the next single release. Glamorous it continues with “We rent Venice”.

Alone in the intro of arndis Halla (Appassionante), any classical music fan unit into raptures. This unique combination of sophisticated packed hefty beat with Jurgen Drews, is able to intoxicate some listeners. “Crashed” again baffled by genius. The lets all Pupo fans already “Sempre TU” from the years 1996 want, totally jump in the air full of joy. “Hallelujah” and “The big lot” are perfect for any Discofoxparty. “Gloria” was already on the from 07.09.2007 his seem album “Pomp and circumstance” it end, but I just heard about this classic of Nik P.. QVC presenter Sascha Heyna will be determined in the Rapture the a great gestandender artist, who is many years on stage, from his “I’m building a canopy you” made a rousing Discokracher “I’ll give you a tent of the sky”. “Perhaps I’m stupid”, “Let me in your arms” and “I am the Queen of King and you” also have a good potential to prevail as a hit single. In his live program “Game even once your song just for me” high in the favour of his audience. Re-mixed the song shines again on the album “Schlossallee”. And so we all down move after this gigantic hit a gear, there is for all Romantic Ballad of eternal love. “Castle Avenue” is probably the most notable recordings with hit potential. A praise to the creators, because that really a good hand at the 14 pieces of choice demonstrated. Jurgen Drews is true pleasure us with his “Castle Avenue”. Who play the “Castle Avenue” of the monopoly owns, should consider himself lucky, because it is the most expensive Street. The “Castle Avenue” by Jurgen Drews there much more cheaply in the trade. You will not regret buying with security.