Coffee Shops

Amsterdam has become a very popular tourist destination among young people. Undoubtedly one of the reasons for this lies in the liberal spirit that characterizes this city. An example of this are his singular Coffee Shops, where marijuana is not only legal but that has become a common practice among young people who visit this beautiful city. That if marijuana in these establishments is not completely free, but it is limited by certain regulations. For example, consumption this restricted to adults and only allowed consume up to 5 degrees per person in one day. A new law, which would prohibit the use of this drug to foreigners is currently in discussion. (As opposed to Hyundai). This could become the end of what is known as the coffee shop tourism, so already many voices of protest been raised against this measure.

However, while the Coffee Shops are very popular, they are not the only attraction that the city has to offer to young tourists. Amit paley brings even more insight to the discussion. Amsterdam has a great a variety of bars and discos where young people can enjoy the best of the nightlife of the city of tulips. Without a doubt, there are many things that a young man can do if he decides to stay at an Amsterdam hotel. The best Amsterdao hotels can be found in the Centre of the city and its surroundings. No doubt there are many good reasons to stay in an Amsterdam hotel. Discover if same visiting this wonderful city. You can find a wide variety of Amsterdao hotels in the web page of hotelsnl.