Once something has been consumed, regardless of the product, understanding the fact spend consume or destroy to satisfy needs or desires, that "something" will cease to exist, at least with its original features. Then, it will become a party residue and partly in a need satisfied or, in the worst and most common cases, a wish fulfilled. Almost all the environmental destruction processes share a common cause: excessive and irresponsible consumption. In the consumer society in which we live, each and every one of us played a double role. We are victims and victimizers. Every minute since we opened our eyes in the morning until we close at night, constantly bombarded with the advertising industry that encourages us to consume, which aim to generate new addictions, needs, desires. For more specific information, check out Bennett Rosenthal.

That virtually forces us to consume products and services most of whom are totally unnecessary for us Natalichio adds, it is considered that the industrial-consumer model has led to the economies of the poorest countries spend much of their resources, human and natural to the satisfaction of the enormous consumption of most industrialized societies, even leaving to meet the basic needs of their own populations. The consumer society is clearly environmentally unsustainable and can not even stand on the inequality between north and south, which made many years hard balancing act as pressure on natural resources that exerts excessive consumption of the richest countries. This implies a steady increase in consumption of natural resource extraction, which is being depleted, and the subsequent disposal of waste and for years has filled the absorptive capacity of the planet.