In copy number 5 of our magazine, we emphasize the importance of democracy, we emphasize that this power of the people, provides the natural environment for the protection and the effective realizacion of human rights, and that it is important for their effectiveness citizens with their rights and obligations in the corresponding to your local elections. Under this premise, comes me to mind a lesson embedded in the popular American cartoon Spider-man, which is presented from the first issues of the series over several decades: A great power comes great responsibility. Transporting such teaching to the socio-political issue in context, it should be remembered that the power to decide our rulers involves a great commitment and responsibility. This comparison could lack credibility being the teaching of a cartoon applied to civic duty, but here is where you enter our faith, enthusiasm and confidence that the heroes in real life and democracy exist. These heroes and heroines are we, the protagonists of our future that we can build in synergy with our peers, because it is in our hands the power of decision.

I reiterate, we have the power and responsibility to decide who and how we want us to govern. Once we choose our leaders have an obligation to evaluate its performance and above all say, but this is another article material. Returning to the point and forgive the redundancy, seems to me extremely important emphasize that decision-making power concretizes itself in the vote, materializes the concept of democracy in the Act of attending the election day fill our corresponding ballot and depositing our decision in the urn with the desire to make effective suffrage. Let us not be carried away by the tricks of political campaigns concerning marketing, nor sell our voting what is the price of democracy? I think that the price of change is invaluable. Is well known the diversion of both partisan and governmental resources in favour of such or which contender.