Desheli Cosmetic Kits

Using a variety of cosmetics, you will have an effect primarily on the skin. But rarely emphasizes the fact of what it is, does what, and how it has various external factors, including cosmetics. A closer look at this in order to enable you to better understand which particular product is right for you. To the question 'What is skin? ", Each person correctly declare its protective properties. Indeed, this is its main task. If you have read about Suna Said Maslin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. That's why skin covers the body and everything, for example, three times the weight of the liver, but it is known to be not so easy authority.

But one of its functions and includes many other factors, namely due to the protective role: protection from germs, from overheating and overcooling of the body, from the slack of pulses of electrical energy from excessive evaporation from the body of mechanical damage to internal organs from harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays. The latter type of protection is manifested in the form of tanning. It turns out that when you try to make themselves more beautiful, so we most tortured skin. Bearing the brunt, it prevents the harmful effects of solar energy. However, as you can see how powerful our skin protection has, time after so many years of testing it is very seldom leads us, that is relatively few flakes and 'off' after sun exposure. Speaking about the structure of tissues, we can distinguish several problems facing the skin, touch and pain perception, to help us, say, in time to remove his hand from the hot pan.