Using the detective agency SD security company Lonhnfortzahlungsbetrug can enlighten. The remuneration in the event of sickness is a frequently misused. More and more employees can write sick to pursue private interests. This is with the detective agency SD security often uncover and bring to court. The salary in the event of sickness is one of the greatest achievements of industrialisation. For the first time enabled the protection of workers in disease.

All the more regrettable that this protection is often used. Supervisor: employers should react quickly in the event of doubt and turn the detective agency SD security. If possible on the first day of sickness. Later, a detective agency is switched on, it is all the more difficult to collect court evidence. So, is it already and give that courts require a more active observation of several days in a row during the usual working hours. The employer should keep the appointment as discreet and only the most necessary persons thereof in knowledge set. The detective agency SD safety is to reach customers with a free hotline, a commissioning and start can be done within a few hours. Possibilities: 1 the workers approved “Extra holiday”.

Often this is done not spontant, but workers can be for days written sick for which he got approved, for example, no vacation. Often, these people think that they are in the right and the employers eh owes them something. So many of the “sick” employees on golf courses, at the lake or abroad on the beach can be found. It goes away, some several fellow physicians order certificates can exhibit and communicate to the employer. The detective agency SD security here to determine where the supposedly sick employees staying and whether it acts “against the recovery”. This will be documented and issued to the customer. The employed private investigators can testify in the case of a case before court.