East German Coins

20 years after the fall of the wall East German coins gain increasingly value numismatist by their attention to detail and a passion characterized, that many an observer would describe as obsessive. The latter is especially true if it’s the coins from past epochs or States when East German coins. Citizens of the former GDR be sure get in the smile at the thought of old money and wonder how aluminium chips”and match the passion. But there they numismatist, whose specialty are East German coins. Include the almost affectionate term aluminium chips”for coins of the former GDR rests on the fact that almost all the coins of course characterised by a high percentage of aluminum and in an international comparison to the lightweights”.

Circulation – and course coins of East Germany despite all or perhaps precisely because of this curiosity, GDR coins are still a much sought after collector’s item even 20 years after the fall of the wall. By default as course coin were between Fichtelberg and Rugen 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents in circulation. Supplemented to the 1 and 2 mark coins of the set seems complete for the uninitiated GDR coins so. But rarely know what beginners the GDR also commemorative coins with a value of 5, 10 and 20 mark brought out. Who dares the entry into East German coins, should keep this fact in mind. Value of GDR coins introduce what and commemorative coins rates current at the end of, or how much the collector for new pieces must invest, of course depends on several factors. On the one hand, the State decides in the GDR coins.

Currently circulating coins lose over the years to shine and show clearly the ravages of time. On the other hand, a coin may be little interest despite their good state of conservation for the experienced numismatist. Also the height of the support and any error embossings crucially at the end. The correct entry into the world of the GDR coins wants to be learned thus in any case, why not just a good eye. but in any case the necessary know-how is in demand. Mini sets GDR coins rarity value a peculiarity of East German coins are the so-called mini sets, whose number amounted to only a few thousand and the objects collectors coveted it for yet another reason to count. The 5 mark coin is missing the DDR mini sets. Instead, the mini kits contain a medal, which is always a special theme. GDR coins at first glance they seem really to can inspire no coin collector. Who but cares and venturing a little deeper into the world of the East German coins, will have to be quickly teach themselves a better.