Economic Studies

While macroeconomic conditions are stronger than in the past, these conditions have been losing strength every month, hopefully a quick twist rudder or before the end of 2008 the consequences can be serious. “He blames the field for this inactivity that Argentina is suffering not only from the economic point of view, but especially political. If we respect and remember the stop and go cycles that the country has had, it was the field that prompted this crisis, is totally irrelevant. If it was the agricultural sector, industry or any other factor had started a conflict and crisis in the country, energy, the inflation, which are already manifest and that is only a matter of more time to generate strong growth and damage economy. Argentina, has entered the most delusional of the scenarios: it is third world exporter of soybeans, first in flour and soybean oil and soybean is … regardless of Paraguay! Must meet its external commitments and address the suspension of sales, has no other recourse but to import the oilseed. Infuriating, right? “We are exporting soybeans just coming by barge from Paraguay and Argentina did not field as is normally done during this time of year,” Patricia told AFP Bergero, Deputy Director of Economic Studies of the Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario , 300 km north of Buenos Aires. “Argentina is already in breach of contracts of sale of soybean meal with the European Union, and soybean oil and with China and other Asian countries, “said Bergero, who estimates millions in losses for the sector in the coming months due to lack of stock..