Facial Massage

Facial massage – a procedure that allows you to combine business with pleasure. Self-massage is not as difficult to master, and the effect of its use can not be overestimated, since people who have competent and proven ways to massage person, always watching the young and smart appearance of their skin, which differs from enviable health. It improves blood circulation and normalizes metabolism. In other words, it helps the skin to restore her breathing capacity, preventing stagnation of blood, body healthy dermal tissue and facial muscles. The skin of your face is the same smooth and elastic the same as it was during your youth. The main task is to get yourself to take time for yourself loved. Watching your favorite TV series or the transfer, you can always combine and taking care of your face.

Especially since it's so nice to know that you're doing it for themselves, but for anyone else. That learn massage, it is necessary, above all, remember and learn the techniques. There are several techniques: light stroking of the skin, rubbing, kneading, vibration, deep tweaks – the most important and often zadeystvuemym massage lines. Here are the main areas of massage movements are recommended in order to act to massage was correct and he conceived of the expected effect from the middle of the chin to the bottom of the ear from the corners of the mouth to central part of the ear, and nose-cartilage from the central part of the ear from the forehead to the temporal hollows, on top of the nose, the brow towards the temples, on a lower eyelid towards the nose, neck massage should be bottom up, from the collarbone to the chin.