Fogliatto Luiz

In relation to the future educational questions, we have History and the allied Art as main in the construction and formation of this perspective of social change, the formation of the conscientious citizen armed of discerning a cultural luggage and convicto how much its operating reality and in the fights for the social and educational equalities, for example, will make with that this notion of belonging, in times, more cultural than national clarifies the complexity of the conscience of the human being. ' ' To have the advanced historical conscience implies to acquire certain direction of what it is history as disciplines academic, to dominate to determine historiogrficas abilities, to construct to a narrative of the condition human being (Not only of its country) and to reflect (and to act, to intervine) in accord to the mental project that each one goes formando&#039 dynamically; ' (Schmidt, 2009. p.55) practical pedagogical interdisciplinares almost always generates subjects that in some way approach the multiculturalismo. In special in our country where a great cultural diversity exists. In the Rio Grande Do Sul and particular in the city of Ijui diversified cultures, photo exist that duty to be explored in transversal subjects or as subjects of projects interdisciplinares. In the reality and the historical context of the school Fogliatto Luiz, the factor multicultural it presumes the diversity. ' ' The cultural diversity presumes the ethnic recognition of the different codes, classroom, groups, beliefs and sexos in the nation, as well as the dialogue with the diverse cultural codes of some nations or countries that even though include the first culture of colonizadores.' ' (Barbosa, 1997.p.14) curricular history and the art as component establish starting points of different objects of study for different areas of the knowledge. The inverse one also happens everything will depend on the degree of the capacity of mental expansion of the team to multidiscipline of pedagogical support.