Glory Affliction

Unhappyly, in the affliction only it is that many of us we are capable of in it withhold before speaks of our God! We need to also learn ouv-Lo in other circumstances, so that It, wanting saying in them, does not have that taking in them to try as many afflictions ‘ ‘ Because ours it has led and momentnea tribulao we produce for perpetual weight of glory, above of all comparao’ ‘ II Corntios 4.17. At the moments where everything seems to be in the limit of our tolerance, in the limit of our forces, hope, patience, and even in the limit of our faith, let us remember in them the consolation that this text brings in them. The isolated affliction, for tries who it, never seems to be light. But, when compared with the glory that stops we are reserved in the future, it if it becomes has led, and, therefore, bearable. The affliction is transitory, the glory is perpetual; the affliction is desgastante, but the glory is restoring.

Far from us the room ahead of the difficulties and afflictions, we must yes – fight, believe and pursue with all force each one of our ideals; not obstante, the experience of the fragility makes in to discover them the dimension of our lack and the security and ortaleza Mr. of the Glory. still, how much it is basic to look at for front and the high one in Its direction. moments of test and affliction constitute resources of gauging of the moral values of each one, by means of which the man must acquire more valuable illuminative expressions as supports for future evolutivos investments.