Historical Accounts

He has published many books of poetry and narrative as well as many historical accounts. It is also a translator of American poets and author of the publication “New Voices of America.” In 1978 he won the Casa de las Americas with “Survive”, and in 2000, the Authors Poetry Award Independent. In his work, may also highlight ‘Mute Ring “,” Vigils “,” Threshold “,” Fuga de Canto Grande, “” Woman of the River “and his latest production,’ Saudade ‘. Like other poets of his generation Pablo Antonio Cuadra and Ernesto Cardenal, literary concern is two lines on the one hand, the realistic and committed to the current political situation, seeking a democratic poetry of denunciation, and, secondly, a formal investigation in which can speak of a new language intentionally surrealism street, torn, vehement and even anti-literary.His works are: Ring of Silence (1948), Vigils (1953), Aquarius (1955), Guest of my time (1961), Road only (1965), Learning (1970), I turn to collect and Other Poems (1973) Survive (1978, Casa de las Americas Prize for Poetry), Flowers of the volcano and is Sum (1981) is an anthology of poems above plus new ones. In the